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Stage 4 – Analysis

The analysis stage is an offline stage. It is run after the whole migration is completed, and the destination database is up.


This screen shows a general overview of the whole workflow. The main parts are:

  • Time analysis – time breakdown of major object types. Show as a pie chart.
  • Space distribution – comparison of space breakdown between source and destination databases, including object type breakdown.
  • Space savings – comparison of space allocation on source and destination databases.

Analysis Details screen

In addition, every group of workflow shows its general details, like size, the number of objects, etc.
This screen can be saved as PDF using Chrome->Print->Save as PDF


In the Compare screen, you can run compare process between source and target databases.

First, choose the data types to compare – then press start button

After completion of compare process, you can see the results in a summarized form:

Alternatively in a detailed results format.

The properties of this grid are:

  • Object type – object type to compare
  • Owner – owner of the object
  • Name – name of the object
  • Different – is the object different from source and destination database. Boolean value of 0 or 1.
  • Difference – what is the actual difference? Text value.
  • Existing indicator – whether the object exists in both source and destination databases. If it does not exist on one of them, the whole comparison is useless.