Near-instant Recovery for Oracle Databases

Cost-effective disaster recovery for Oracle Standard and Enterprise Edition for on-premises and cloud-based managed platforms. Secure critical data infrastructure with a data replication solution that delivers high availability and comprehensive data integrity.

Accelario Replication ensures high uptime and data availability levels so that organizations achieve business continuity in the event of a disaster. The easy-to-use solution continuously replicates production data into a live, identical database for quick recovery and switchover in just minutes. Benefit from near-zero RPO with minimal effect on production performance alongside additional advantages like real-time testing, maintenance upgrades and replication to a specific point in time.

Affordable pricing and licensing.
Competitive pricing

Recovery in just minutes with minimal RPO/RTO. Standby databases are used for reports, inquiries and more to reduce load on production.
Highly effective

Support for Oracle SE, SE1, SE1 and Enterprise Edition for on-premises, cloud, managed-cloud (Oracle, AWS, Azure) and hybrid infrastructures.

How it works


Organizations need an affordable disaster recovery solution for Oracle that ensures high availability, minimal downtime and makes effective use of the standby database.


Advanced data replication solution simplifies disaster recovery. Benefit from near-zero downtime and switchover–at a competitive price–while enabling seamless production maintenance and upgrades empowering offload from the production server.

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