About our database migration

Accelario delivers an agile platform for establishing, refreshing and migrating databases.

Whether it’s advanced analytics, application development, or cloud migration, being able to
quickly populate a database is a challenge requiring lots data engineering effort, which limits the agility and effectiveness of these initiatives.

Using Accelario, data can be quickly migrated to new and refreshed databases, without requiring specialized data engineering skills. Data masking, sub-setting, etc. can be managed
through a simple user interface, instead of requiring days of custom ETL programming, freeing developers, data scientists and IT personnel to focus on business-related challenges rather data-related ones.

Key Use Cases

  • DevOps – allowing dev, QA teams to quickly create test data in a self-service mode (Test Data Management).
  • DataOps – enabling data scientists and business analysts to setup modeling and back testing, data sets, while ensuring data privacy and protection.
  • Cloud Migration – facilitating vendor-independent data migration to and from different cloud providers.

Our database zero downtime migration with AWS DMS

Database zero downtime migration with AWS Database Migration Service and Accelario


This is a guest post by Michael Litner, Co-founder and VP R&D of Accelario.

Accelario is database migration software that provides a fast and easy way to load an Oracle database to Amazon Web Services (AWS). At the end of the initial load, database synchronization starts immediately using AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), and the result is a zero downtime migration of your database.

Businesses that require 24/7 operation face a significant issue when moving databases into the cloud: Up until now, few if any cost-effective options existed to minimize the resulting downtime. With its recent integration with AWS DMS, Accelario provides a ready-to-use, zero downtime, full database migration solution—meaning that the whole database is migrated, including users, procedures, views, etc. When the process is done, you can access your database and start using it with your application immediately.

Another significant issue affecting such businesses is ensuring that sensitive information is not exposed as part of the process, which is critical for complying with data protection policies and regulations. You can achieve encryption of data in transit by using Oracle’s built-in features (including network data encryption)—also supported in Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

In this post, I go over how to use this combined solution to migrate a database to either Amazon EC2 or Amazon RDS (also using data masking). I also show you how to easily refresh a database after it’s in the cloud.


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With Accelario, IT managers can now plan their migration in only a few minutes and with a maximum of control over the entire process.