Continuous Test Data Management (TDM)

Accelario is a unique Test Data Management software solution, tailored specifically for Dev & QA teams requirements. With Accelario you can accelerate test data management and cloud adoptions while safely delivering data in record time at significantly lower cost. We support leading databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.

The software includes the followings core modules to enable continuous test data management:

  • Build & Refresh
  • Masking
  • Sub-setting
  • Synthetic data injector
  • Replication & Virtualization
  • Automation and DevOps pipelines

The accelario solution is self-service, it will work in an optimized way without any dependency on the operator expertise, including error-filtering of all data related issues while running.



Accelario TDM solution enables database initial load build from any source to any target (operating system, cloud infrastructure – IaaS & PaaS, database version, file system or compression technology), and later refresh of the target environment that was built with the new data.

This module is about x20 faster than any other similar technology due to two main unique & patented capabilities we have:


Autonomous TDM 


Prior to any execution, Accelario solution scans the whole database and auto-decides how to optimally copy relevant data and its objects to the target system. The Accelario solution also monitors the process during execution time and automatically detects and fixes any error. Accelario solution dynamically changes the way it works during execution, auto-adjusting to any environment or performance changes. The autonomous TDM covers the following areas in the process:

    • Prior to execution – includes prioritization and parallelization
    • Execution – includes automation error recovery and process dynamic behavior
    • Summary – automatically compare and resolve missing parts


Performance algorithm


An Accelario unique algorithm can parallelize all copy processes including challenging objects such as Lob, Clob, Large Tables – which divide those objects into smaller parts and copy them in parallel.

Both Features, the Autonomous TDB and Performance, manage the work before and during the Build or Refresh – affect the methodology and technology of the copy action during runtime to get optimized results.

Example 1: A table copy that stops in the middle, will re-submit form point of failure and will not copy the whole table again.

Example 2: If the network connection varies during runtime, the software will automatically change the objects division as per the new situation.



The Accelario Solution supports different masking methods like Substitution, Shuffling and Tokenization. It also allows the user to decide on the masking methods and data to be masked. This module supports:

  • In place masking – operate the action on the database server itself
  • On the fly masking – as part of the BUILD & REFRESH we mentioned before

The masking is done in the SELECT stage of the data on the source, in such a way that no sensitive data is exposed outside the source. This operation adds only up to 2% of Load on the process as a whole, so actually does not affect the process time and performance.



The Accelario solution gives the user the option to copy any set of data that is not the full database:

  • Specific tables
  • Specific user
  • Between dates
  • Unique select & where commands



Accelario’s synthetic data injector is about x10 faster than any other system in the market. Actually, we inject (insert) data in record time, similar to data select speed – Billions of records in one-hour.

High statistical probability of created data correlation to source data and configuration

  • Copy of metadata from source
  • Collect source data statistics and build the same on the target (with a new created data)



Accelario enable a unique solution to synchronize test environment securely from production, with an unlimited number of test environments to build;

  • Using our unique solution, a test copy of the production database is built (Golden Image), with masked data as per the organization policies.
  • Once ready, Accelario software can create a virtual copy (Image) of the database in a click of a button, in minutes and without almost any additional disk space or system resources.
  • The Golden Image is synchronized with the source the whole time, allowing building Images relevant to a certain point in time.

With this unique solution, we enjoy a test environment synchronized with production databases all the time. It is also secured (masked), for every developer or QA, while saving time and storage space with no dependency of database size.  



Accelario solution provides API to auto connect to CI/CD process and tools (Jenkins, and others) to allow automation of the data build and refresh processes.

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