AWS Case Study

NobexRadio, worldwide leader in streaming radio content, completed migration from Rackspace to AWS with Accelario software.


Nobex ( world leader in streaming live radio content, completed a successful migration of their production database from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services. Nobex migrated an SQL Server 2005 on Rackspace physical server to MS SQL Server 2014 on AWS EC2, in one process with little downtime due to Accelario’s unique capabilities in the Cloud.

Ran Rosin from Nobex says: “ We have thousands of customers and millions of users worldwide working online with our system. The database we migrated is a critical one and downtime needed to be minimal. Also, as part of the migration process from Rackspace to AWS we wanted to upgrade the MS SQL version and have some changes in the database structure at the same time. Accelario was the perfect choice; one software to perform all of these requirements in one quick process and with minimum downtime. Actually, the downtime we experienced was mainly due to servers and network performances between the two Cloud providers.”

“Accelario is a software built specifically for cases like this one”, explain Eyal Arbel, Accelario CEO, “customers want to be independent in choosing their Cloud platform. Also customers needs are to move, refresh and protect their Databases easily both on Premise and on Cloud. With Accelario all those homogenous scenarios are supported, as well as any change to the database technology. Accelario is also an unique TDM (Test Data Management) solution, allowing customers to select sensitive data to perform on-the-fly Masking and to select only required data for Test Environments, vs. having to copy the whole Production database. Therefore, we can save a lot of money on IT costs while protecting sensitive data“.


Zero Downtime Migration into AWS, either for RDS or EC2 instance – powered by Accelario

Now fully integrated in AWS Data Migration Services (DMS); for customers uploading their databases into AWS, our add-on provides a Zero Downtime Migration into RDS or EC2 instance.

  • Zero downtime combined with DMS data sync
  • Fully controllable and highly secure process
  • Optimal results independent of network quality
  • Automatic masking of sensitive data
  • Optimal performance on the cloud


Read: how to activate our add-on under DMS, in our AWS blog



WATCH – Cloud migration on premise to AWS

With Accelario, IT managers can now plan their migration in only a few minutes and with a maximum of control over the entire process.

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