AWS Data Migration

With AWS Data Migration Services, you can now migrate your databases with minimal downtime. AWS Database Migration Service can migrate databases to AWS securely and fast. During the migration, the source database will be available for operation, therefore, minimizing downtime in applications that depend on the database. Most commercial and open-source databases can be migrated to and from using AWS Database Migration Services.

Homogenous and heterogenous database migrations can be supported by AWS Data Migration Service. For instance, homogenous database integrations like Oracle to Oracle or heterogenous database integrations like Oracle/Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora is something that AWS Database Migration Services can do for you. You can continuously replicate your data at ease with AWS Database Migration Service. You can stream data to Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 and consolidate databases into a petabyte-scale data warehouse.

Using the AWS Database Migration Service is simple. Most cases do not require changes to the source database and do not require installation of any drivers or applications. You only need to do a few clicks to begin the database migration in the AWS Management Console. All of the complexities such as automatically replicating data changes that occur in the source database are managed by DMS during the migration process. This service is also available for use for continuous data replication.

You will experience virtually no downtime when using AWS Database Migration Services to migrate your databases. The source database will be fully operational and accessible during the migration process because all changes made to the source database during migration are continuously replicated to the target. For as long as you choose, the target database will remain synchronized with the source after the database migration is complete. This way at your choosing you can switchover the database when most convenient for you.
Migrations can be from one RDS database to another RDS database, databases running on EC2 to RDS, RDS to EC2, or on-premises databases to Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2. Text based targets, SQL, and NoSQL data can also be moved between.

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