Leumi Bank deployed Accelario as its main Data Masking solution

A leading retail Bank, deployed Accelario In-Place masking to perform a daily process, protecting data that is classified as personal identifiable, personal or commercially sensitive in critical and important systems. The Bank is already using Accelario On-The-Fly masking as part of their TDM environment, but in this case the masking process required to be preformed […]

Leumi Bank chose Accelario Platform as its main solution for TDM and DevOps teams

Leumi Bank chose Accelario Data Suite as its main self-service DataOps platform to support its QA and Test teams while building and refreshing Oracle and MS SQL databases. The solution is used by tens of end users currently, who refresh more than 1000 MS SQL databases and over 100 Oracle databases. The Bank teams use […]

Shagrir Group, executed a successful TDM project with Accelario software

Shagrir Group, a market leader in road services, executed a successful TDM project by employing Accelario software. The project involved transferring data from two different operating systems, implementing changes in the data base structure and version upgrades – all in one self-service, fast process with minimal production system downtime. A data refresh between the environments is […]