Use Cases

The Accelario Migration Suite provides an easy and highly secure solution for the following migration and refresh scenarios:

Repeated copy (refresh) from production to QA/Dev

Highly simplifies data copy from production to QA and Development environments, for manual or scheduled refreshes.

Protect sensitive data in non-production environments

Mask or scramble sensitive data while copying them to lower environments.

Migration into Cloud PaaS

Few clicks away from running your database on a public Cloud PaaS.

Migration to different OS

Risk-free migration in cases where different Operating Systems are used on source and target.

Migration between different storage vendors

Supports migration from one storage to another, even between different vendors, in ASM and non-ASM architecture.

Migration to Exadata

Efficient and secure migration to Exadata, also supports advanced Oracle Exadata features such as HCC.

SAP migration

Migrating SAP database using logical migration, which can handle its large number of objects (more than 80,000 tables).

Downgrade from Enterprise to Standard edition

Integrated ability to smoothly copy tables with partitions from Enterprise edition to Standard edition with none.

Roll back in case of unsuccessful migration or upgrade

Enables to roll back to older version while keeping the updated data.

Other benfits of the software:

  • Cross Platform
  • Fast Migration ā€“ significantly shorter down time
  • Safe Process ā€“ no need to restart if migration stops
  • Reduction of Total Project Costs
  • Risk Minimization

Accelario presents a 5-step-migration solution to support an easy, fast and target oriented software for Oracle DB migration between two different platforms : any OS or Oracle DB version ā€“ to and from Unix/ Linux/ Exadata / Windows. DB software version is upgraded during the migration process. All alternatives are supported by ONE system, same easy process to all options and guaranteed results.
Unix to Linux / Unix to Windows / Linux to Windows

Many organizations are trying to set a standard by using one Operating System for their Database servers. Accelario software supports platform to platform migration. After production the software will also manage the ongoing refresh needs and control requirements between the different environments.

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    More Customers
    • Several large Oracle DB production migration.
    • Shorten downtime window by more then 50%.
    • Cross Platform Unix to Linux.
    • Executed in April 2018.

    Post Bank
    • Complex consolidation project.
    • Decreasedproject planned time by half.
    • Various large databases, many object types.
    • Executed in February 2018.

    Phoenix Insurance
    • Hundreds of databases consolidation into one platfrom.
    • Decreases project planned time in six months.
    • Various sizes of databases of production systems.
    • Executed in September 2017.

    Cal Credit Cards Ltd:
    Migration costs cut by 35%.
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    First International Bank
    • Data Warehouse on Aix migration to Linux cluster.
    • Huge database – tens of Tera.
    • Large number of objects (500,000).
    • Many objects types.
    • Migration window was decreased by 50%.
    • Executed in August 2016.

    Menora Mivtachim – Insurance
    • Exadata migration and refresh process.
    • Many large objects in database.
    • Large Data Warehouse.
    • Migration window was decreased by 60% due to Accelario.
    • Executed in November 2015.

    Leumi Bank – Commercial Bank
    • Production to Test daily refresh.
    • Aix platfroms, between different storage vendors.
    • Masking production data as part of the refresh.
    • Select only part of the data to be refreshed.
    • Refresh process went down from 3 days to 5 hours.
    • Executed in July 2015.

    Tal Car – Car importer
    • Oracle 11.2 RAC to Oracle 11.2 RAC
    • Linux to Linux, new platfrom.
    • 2 hours total downtime.
    • Executed in September 2015.

    ELAL – Airline
    • AIX to Exadata.
    • Large Data Warehouse application.
    • Accelario  environment management and  refresh.
    • Executed November 2014.

    Bank of Jerusalem – Retail Bank
    • Consolidating multiple Databases into Exadata
    • Linux to Exadata, Linux to Linux.
    • Accelario environment management and refresh.
    • Executed in June 2014.

    StoreNext – E-commerce leader
    • Migration a live database from Linux to Windows.
    • 600 GB in 90 minutes (vs. 8 hours, standard tools).
    • Executed in September 2014.

    LC – Credit Card company
    • Consolidating multiple Databases into a Linux RAC
    • Migration of Data Warehouse from UNIX to Exadata.
    • Also Unix to Linux, Linux to Exadata, Linux to Linux.
    • Executed in February 2014.

    Shagrir – Road services leader
    • Oracle 9 Enterprise Edition to 11 Standard Edition.
    • Windows to Windows, new platfrom.
    • 1 hour upgrade and 40 minutes migration.
    • Data test refresh daily.
    • Executed in July 2015.

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