Amdocs migrated cross-platform critical databases with Accelario

Amdocs, a multinational corporation serving leading player in communications and media industies, have chosen Accelario to resolve a complex migration of critical customer production databases. The requirements included minimized system downtime, database structures changes, an upgrade to more advanced Oracle version, and a migration between two different operating systems.

Amdocs tested various options based on market best practices and common tools, and chose to migrate with Accelario, which showed the shortest downtime, best performance, and the easiest process. Accelario Data Suite has been used to perform various migrations, cutting downtime windows by half and performing all changes and upgrades needed as part of the process.

Shahar Sharet, Senior DBA from Amdocs: “Accelario was chosen since it addressed our needs perfectly. We were happy with the easy and fast configuration and even happier with the actual results. It is the fastest software we have ever come across for those need, specifically built for migrations and environment refresh.”

Eyal Arbel, Accelario CEO, explained on this unique solution; “Amdocs was able to dramatically reduced its project cost and time. As a result, we are currently in a POC process to be Amdocs main DevOps data provision and refresh tool, allowing DevOps containers built automatically while working with the most updated data from an autonomous Accelario background process. Accelario Data Suite was developed to solve two main challenges; (1) Cloud Migrations – database moving on Premise to the Cloud or between Clouds and later refreshing those databases; and (2) DevOps requirements for most updated and in time databases delivered in minutes, allowing true Data Ops automation in reach.”