Cal Credit Cards announces successful migration of production systems and Data Warehouse to Oracle Exadata, with Accelario

Cal Credit Cards announced today that over the past year it has successfully executed the migration of its Data Warehouse and various production systems to Oracle Exadata Data Machine, improving overall performance of its business-critical systems.

The project was executed by Cal’s technical team under the guidance of experts from Accelario and based on the Accelario Data Suite.

Mr. Avi Polak, director of Cal IT infrastructure department: “Seeking greater efficiency for our clients’ benefit, the project had three main goals: lower TCO of our largest databases, obtain major performance improvement towards providing our customers with faster services, and archive historical information. By using the Accelario Data Suite we successfully lowered migration time by 65%, as this unique software is dedicated to migration and easy to apply. Accelario experts led product implementation and execution of the migration with great success.

The Data Warehouse migration was performed from a source platform of three Linux RAC servers with 2 nodes to a target of one quarter Exadata machine x4-2 with full RAC on 2 nodes.

  • Database before migration was 16 Tera, and on Exadata dropped to 7.
  • The Oracle version on Exadata was upgraded from 10 to 11.
  • The database included more than 60,000 tables, scattered in about 30 different schemes.

As part of the migration, a change was implemented in the structure of some tables, some shifted into partitions, and existing partitions in others were altered. Object compression was also executed, moving others to Table Spacing and copying needed indexes only.

All these improvements were executed in one parallel action by one software – Accelario Data Suite – handling data transfer, maximal compression, version upgrade, new database structuring, and partitioning.

Before implementing Accelario in Cal, a conventional migration experiment was carried out. It revealed that migration time for data alone would be 40 hours, which was unacceptable to management, as downtime for the whole process was not supposed to exceed 24 hours.

Accelario completed the Cal data migration in just 14 hours (65% improvement). Testing involved 6 hours more, the entire process completed in only 20 hours.

Two additional Cross-Platform migration projects were executed by Cal using Accelario showing similar results. Utilizing the TDM capabilities of Accelario solution, Cal regularly runs environment refreshes of its databases, from production to development environment.

Eyal Arbel, Accelario CEO: “When an organization chooses Exadata, it faces a real challenge unlike any other previous migration. As we wish to make the operation easier for the customer, we in have built a special platform aimed at overcoming issues resulting from migration. The result is software that simplifies work and shortens migration time by more than 50%. We have already executed several projects with similar outcomes, resulting in immediate savings of time and money, and lowering risks.”