Satellite TV Provider YES, announced migration of its Data Warehouse to Exadata in record time with Accelario

YES, the Israeli Satellite TV Provider, today announced that it has successfully completed the migration of its entire Data Warehouse from a UNIX environment to Oracle Exadata Data Mchine within the record time of six hours by using Accelario Data Suite.

Just 3 months after installing Exadata in YES, the organization enjoys a Data Warehouse system that is stronger and needs significantly less time for running reports. This offers a real change in daily work routines for management, hundreds of BI systems users, and the company’s customers.

The project was implemented by three YES IT division departments – Infrastructure directed by Natan Zucker, IT R&D directed by Avner Katzman,and Business Intelligence directed by Ido Bigger.

It was les by Arkady Gurevich, manager of UNIX systems, DBA, Storage & CTO and Adi Levi, manager of Information Solutions.

Ido Bigger, from the Business Intelligence department: “Business information in YES became an area of competitive advantage. The organization needs information on an on going basis, and BI data is a major anchor in any decision making. Transitioning to Exadata is an inseparable part of understanding our competitive advantage and what it needs for the coming years in our data world.”

Adi Levi, Information Solutions: “When we began planning the project, Logical Migration was clearly the necessary choice as the transfer from UNIX to Exadata cannot be performed by Physical Migration.”

Originally, planning was based primarily on standard migration tools. During a migration trial it became clear that data migration alone would take some 36 hours, an unacceptable time frame for the project team as well as management. YES started looking for a solution to dramatically shorten downtime.

Arkady Gurevich: “Clearly the data migration time had to be considerably reduced. Accelario offered us a solution that seemed unbelievable, but after understanding how it works, we realized this was the best solution for us.”

YES executed the Exadata migration in 6 hours instead of 36. In the meantime, a database software upgrade was performed, shrinking data (using HCC technology) from 8 to 4 Tera Bytes, including the reorganization of information, deletion of unnecessary data and more. All the above was performed in a continuous process and with Accelario Data Suite.

The Accelario solution is essential in any project of cross platforms Database migration, supporting all sources, targets, Database software versions or operating systems,” states Eyal Arbel, Accelario CEO. “Accelario makes it possible to refresh environments in real time. The next software release, commercially available in March 2015, will also contain a mechanism that automatically detects and re compresses elements that were decompressed during migration, as well as a masking module. Accelario offers these benefits in addition to the overall significant decrease in project costs compared to conventional execution.”