Shagrir Group, executed a successful TDM project with Accelario software

Shagrir Group, a market leader in road services, executed a successful TDM project by employing Accelario software. The project involved transferring data from two different operating systems, implementing changes in the data base structure and version upgrades – all in one self-service, fast process with minimal production system downtime. A data refresh between the environments is conducted daily using Accelario Data Suite.

Goor Maor, CIO at Shagrir, noted that “The TDM project we undertook was carried out without any disruption to Shagrir’s production systems and ongoing work, thanks to the proper planning and use of Accelario’s migration software. I periodically perform a refresh to the development system data to ensure that developers can work on the most current database. Now I can provide them with a very fast reaction time due to Accelario’s solution. I’d definitely say that updating the development database has shortened from a full 24 hour cycle to mere hours. Additionally, automating the process creates an environment at the click of a button, without any further intervention on my part.”