About Us & Our Vision

About Us & Our Vision

Our Mission

Revolutionize the way organizations move, access, use and manage data with a simple-to-use, self-service platform that accelerate and simplify complex DevOps challenges and processes.

We aim to assist companies that want to accelerate software & application delivery cycle using agile methodology, by providing fast access to high quality data, to enable quick innovate and deliver even faster
One of the main goals of DevOps teams is to improve the overall workflow of software and application delivery.
Access to Data is a real bottleneck and a big challenge in this cycle.

Why Accelario

Accelario enables agile development teams, operating in DevOps, microservices, ML/AI and/or cloud-based environments, to work more efficiently and effectively, empowering each team with the test data they need, where and when they need it.
Accelario platform is a modern test data management (TDM) software designed to accelerate application delivery by provisioning high-quality production-based test data quickly, with full privacy compliance, and at a lower cost, leveraging both virtual and physical data technologies.
We know how to deliver access to critical data, in real-time and across any environment, while ensuring that regulatory and privacy compliance is maintained.

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