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Demand for an Agile Test Data Management Solution

ON24 faced significant challenges with its existing test data management (TDM) processes. The need for a robust and flexible solution was paramount to handle large data volumes efficiently, support weekly software releases, and reduce the time and resources required for data refreshes. Their current data management system was slow and cumbersome, lacking the agility necessary to keep pace with ON24’s rapid development cycles.

These inefficiencies had a profound impact on ON24’s operations. Delays in software releases became a regular issue, hindering their ability to introduce new features and improvements promptly. The sluggish data management processes led to increased operational costs, as more time and resources were spent on managing and refreshing data. Furthermore, the lack of agility limited ON24’s capability to quickly respond to market demands, making it challenging to maintain a competitive edge.

The operational inefficiencies stemming from these challenges adversely affected ON24’s strategic growth initiatives. The inability to release software updates swiftly impeded their plans for continuous innovation and improvement, essential for staying ahead in a competitive market. Additionally, the increased operational costs and limited responsiveness to market changes strained their resources and affected their overall strategic goals.

Addressing these challenges was crucial for ON24 to enhance its operational efficiency, reduce costs, and support its long-term strategic objectives. Implementing a more agile and efficient TDM solution would be essential to overcoming these obstacles and positioning ON24 for sustained growth and success.

Empowering Development Efficiency with Agile Test Data Management

ON24 evaluated potential solutions based on several key criteria: speed of data refresh, ease of integration with existing systems, scalability, flexibility, and the ability to provide comprehensive support and training.

After thorough evaluations, including trials and consultations, ON24 selected Accelario’s TDM solution due to its superior performance in meeting all the critical requirements. Accelario’s ability to rapidly refresh data environments and provide robust support was a decisive factor.

Navigating Change

The implementation of Accelario’s TDM solution at ON24 was executed in a phased approach. Initial pilot programs addressed immediate needs, followed by a full-scale rollout. Cross-functional teams from ON24 and Accelario collaborated closely to ensure a smooth implementation, which was completed within a few months.

Accelario provided extensive support throughout the implementation process, including tailored training sessions, customization of the solution to fit ON24’s specific requirements, and ongoing technical support to ensure optimal utilization.

Empowering Progress

The implementation of Accelario’s TDM solution resulted in a dramatic reduction in data refresh times from days to mere hours. ON24 now performs weekly data refreshes seamlessly, supporting their agile release cycles and significantly enhancing productivity.

The new TDM solution improved the experience for ON24’s development and operations teams by providing faster and more reliable data environments, enabling them to focus on innovation and delivery rather than data management issues.

Streamlining Operations

Accelario’s implementation at ON24 revolutionized its data management operations. By streamlining processes, Accelario not only improved data accuracy but also ensured ON24’s compliance with stringent industry standards, fostering enhanced operational efficiency and substantial cost savings.

One of the standout advantages of Accelario’s TDM solution was its ability to swiftly refresh data, allowing ON24 to maintain up-to-date information crucial for their operations. The seamless integration capabilities facilitated smooth interaction with existing tools, enhancing overall system coherence and reducing integration challenges.

Scaling Capabilities

Accelario’s solution proved scalable, and adept at handling ON24’s extensive data volumes without compromising performance. Moreover, robust data masking capabilities provided an added layer of security, safeguarding sensitive information and bolstering compliance efforts.

Furthermore, Accelario seamlessly integrated with ON24’s CRM and marketing automation tools, creating a unified ecosystem that streamlined workflows and improved data flow across the organization. This integration not only enhanced operational efficiency but also empowered ON24 to leverage its data more effectively for strategic decision-making and customer engagement initiatives.

Overall, Accelario’s comprehensive TDM solution not only met but exceeded ON24’s expectations, paving the way for enhanced data management capabilities and positioning them for continued growth and success in their industry.



Accelario’s TDM solution has significantly enhanced ON24’s strategic capabilities, driving long-term innovation, improved customer engagement, and sustainable revenue growth. By reducing data refresh times from days to minutes, ON24 has achieved a 40% faster time-to-market and a 30% increase in DBA productivity. The solution has also decreased development bottlenecks by 50%, providing a competitive edge and greater operational efficiency. This transformation has led to improved user experiences and substantial business growth. 

Looking ahead, ON24 plans to further leverage Accelario’s solution for advanced data analytics, expanded use cases, and deeper integration with emerging technologies, ensuring continued innovation and market adaptability.

About On24

ON24 is dedicated to helping businesses bring their go-to-market strategy into the AI era and achieve cost-effective revenue growth. Through its intelligent engagement platform, ON24 allows customers to create personalized, top-tier experiences while capturing and acting on connected insights at scale. Industry leaders, including 3 of the 5 largest global technology companies, asset management firms, healthcare companies, and industrial companies, rely on ON24. They benefit from valuable first-party data to drive sales and marketing innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance business results.

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