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Accelario Data Masking provides an advanced self-service portal that ensures privacy-compliance for increased delivery velocity and quality

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Comprehensive Data Masking Solution

Privacy-compliance is slowing down delivery velocity. High-performing teams can’t afford to wait for lengthy masking processes that require specialized DevOps skills. They need self-service access to production-like, anonymized data that conforms to privacy regulations and maintains referential integrity.

Full visibility into privacy exposure

Real-time transparency into privacy exposure risk levels.

Real-time alerts on exposures

Potential exposures created by new data are immediately alerted upon. 

Built-in privacy guidelines

Ensure compliance by masking data while it’s being copied and provisioned. 

On-the-fly masking

Support for predefined masking policies based on GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, PCI and custom guidelines.

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Simplify Your Data
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