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Eliminate test data waiting time and unleash your team’s full potential with a Test Data Management platform tailored for DevOps speed. Deliver test data whenever and wherever software is being developed.

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The rapid pace of DevOps demands an equally agile Test Data Management (TDM) solution to keep up. Traditional TDM methods or manual based approaches hinder progress, create bottlenecks, and prevent DevOps teams from achieving their full potential. Accelario’s modern TDM platform addresses these challenges head-on, providing datasets at the speed of DevOps, ensuring data privacy compliance, and seamlessly integrating with CI/CD pipelines – all while reducing storage costs.


A TDM Platform Designed with DevOps in Mind

Discover the game-changing benefits of Accelario’s TDM solution for your DevOps team.

Quick Delivery of Test Data

Accelerate data delivery and boost flexibility in refreshing test datasets with a solution designed for the rapid pace of DevOps.

Self-Service Delivery

Break free from central team dependency with a self-service approach, giving DevOps teams efficient access to the test data they need.

Seamless CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Accelario's API-based, automated TDM platform integrates effortlessly into your existing CI/CD pipelines, streamlining your processes.

Robust Data Privacy

Protect sensitive data with automated sensitive data search and masking, ensuring data privacy compliance without sacrificing referential integrity.

Lower Storage Costs

Reduce storage expenses with virtual database copies that offer a smaller storage footprint compared to traditional physical data copies.

Manage Test Data like Code

Experience unprecedented efficiency with advanced database virtualization, enabling versioning, cloning, branching, sharing, and rewinding test data to earlier points in time.

How it works

Challenge: The Test Data Waiting Game

When DevOps teams face delays in obtaining test data, their progress and overall application delivery process suffer. Eager to apply their expertise and innovation, these teams struggle to maintain efficiency without the necessary test data environments at hand. Working around these challenges by relying on synthetic data, stale databases or small datasets may result in low quality software and data related defects.

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Accelario’s agile Test Data Management (TDM) platform revolutionizes test data delivery for DevOps teams. Leveraging advanced database virtualization, Accelario rapidly provisions test data environments, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency. The platform can manage test data like code and automate the delivery, rewinding, and refreshing of test data while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. As a result, DevOps teams can focus on delivering high-quality software at an unparalleled speed.


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