Make Data Your Ally with Accelario Continuous DataOps Platform

Data is the last roadblock in the DevOps process.
High-performing teams require free access to a continuous
stream of fresh, production-like data that conforms to privacy
regulations to support development, testing, integration,
enablement and incident troubleshooting.

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Accelario’s Continuous DataOps Platform eliminates the data roadblock by
delivering unrestricted access to high-quality, compliance-driven data that can
be managed like code and integrated directly into your CI/CD pipeline.

Accelario’s Continuous DataOps Platform
provides a comprehensive solution for:

Data Virtualization

Data Copy

Synthetic data

Data Masking

The Accelario Advantage

With Accelario, organizations benefit from a cost-effective data
management solution that accelerates delivery velocity by continuously
delivering production-like data via an automated,
fully-compliant pipeline:


Continuous data refresh cycles




Deployment flexibility

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