Test Data Management (TDM)

Environment Refresh at a Fingertip

Copying and refreshing data between production, test and development environments is daily business for many DBAs. Choosing the right copying method, configuring source and target database, accurately forecasting storage, and eventually testing duplicated data tend to be lengthy complex processes, and even more so when different platforms or RDBMS versions are involved. The need to mask or scramble sensitive customer details when copying data from production to lower environments is an additional challenge to environment refresh processes.


Accelario Data Suite – a New Approach to Environment Refresh

Accelario’s presents a highly efficient and innovative approach to data duplication and refresh processes across environments.

An automated tool, it provides DevOps, R&D and QA users with unprecedented management abilities and full control both at source and target while accelerating execution and reducing source down time. Data moving is rendered efficient and transparent with Accelario, which also automatically compresses data in the target environment and optimizes performance.


Inbuilt Data Masking Engine

Accelario ensures secure and truly hassle-free environment refresh, through its inbuilt Data Masking Engine, preventing sensitive data from reaching unprotected databases.

Through the Accelario management interface, IT managers simply define the fields containing sensitive data, which are scrambled on the fly during refresh. Based on parallel processing with controlled parallel degree, the Accelario masking algorithms include tokens, values-replace, ID generation (credit card numbers, SCN), random values generation, deletion of sensitive data, etc.


Key features and benefits

  • Accelerates data refresh and reduces risks (aborted data pump jobs, no manual scripts, real parallel processing, etc.)
  • Downtime of production systems greatly reduced
  • Data Masking Engine: automatic data masking (scrambling) during refresh
  • Full control of copy process and recover ability through intuitive UI
  • Supports and automatically implements any software and hardware compression method for optimized target performance
  • Supports cross-platform data refresh
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