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Getting the best out of your new Exadata

Accelario Migration Suite provides highly automated one-phase migration to Exadata. Making script writing obsolete, the Suite enables businesses to migrate faster while significantly reducing risks, downtime and costs associated with highly complex transitions. Developed by Oracle specialists, the Accelario Suite supports Exadata’s innovative features such as ZFS, parallelism, Flash Cache, ASM, advanced compression, partitioning, and ensures optimized data performance on the new machine.

The Accelario Suite is OS-agnostic and optimally suited for Cross-Platform migration and consolidation of various sources into a single target. Through the intuitive user interface, DBAs enjoy full control over the process and can configure in advance how data will be structured and used by Exadata.

16 Tera Byte Data Warehouse migrated with just 6 hours of downtime

A large Credit Card company decided to purchase Exadata for their Data Warehouse Environment running on AIX. Reducing down time was crucial to a system hosting Critical Business Decision Application for the entire organization. In just five months, the system was up and running in production on Exadata, benefiting both from its boosted performance and ability to compress and manage the data. Downtime totaled a mere 6 hours for a system with more than 16 Tera Bytes of data. Accelario’s successful achievement enabled extending the project to other Linux and Solaris based Databases in the organization.

UNIX to Exadata Migration

Linux to Exadata Migration

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