How it works

5-Step Migration

Accelario solutions are based on the 5-step migration methodology we developed to automate and streamline data migration processes. Our methodology enables to move, refresh, consolidate and clone data bases in one phase, providing full control over the process making script writing obsolete.

Accelario’s intuitive Management Interface walks users step by step through the process:

1. Prepare prior to copy

Preparing database infrastructure on the target (users, tablespaces, compression types and more)

2. Copy data

Moving data with full control for users on both source and target sides.
Data from multiple sources (clone, physical server, production, test environments) can be copied in parallel; pace is set mainly by source power and size of tables.
As an advanced option, data moving can be combined with compression.

3. Create indexes

Simultaneous to copy process and performance monitoring: online configuration and property adaptation for maximum results

4. Copy views, procedures and sequences

Building views, procedures, sequences, etc. for all objects on the target

5. Compare and test

Compare source and target. End user or application owner can start testing process. Run first back-up on target. Ready to build DR.

Demo – Configuration and run workflow in 2 minutes

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