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Accelario Migration Suite V2.3.70.21-206

Accelario Migration Suite V2.3.70.21-206 was released on October 2018;

  • Zero downtime migration (for Oracle)
  • Integrated with AWS DMS.
  • Improved performance.


Versions archive

Accelario Migration Suite V2.3.70 was released on April 2017;

  • Masking, Refresh and Migration for PosgreSQL.
  • Support MS SQL 2016.
  • User level management engine.

*** Accelario Migrtion Suite V2.4.1b (beta) limited releases March 2018 – support My SQL.

Accelario Migration Suite V2.2.1 was released on September 2016;

  • Option to work in Chunks
  • Disable of NAMES TNS.
  • GUI renewal and expansions.

Accelario Migration Suite V2.1.2  was released in early June 2016;

  • Masking, Refresh and Migration for MS SQL.
  • Sensitive Data Search Engine.
  • Additional objects support.

Accelario Migration Suite V2.1.1 was released in February 2016;

  • Oracle Database support.
  • Data Masking engine for Data Laundry purpose – copy data from production to test while masking the production data
  • Copy control module – Ability to select and copy partial set of data, a single table or specific range.
  • GUI-based management interface
  • Support readiness for additional data objects
  • Comprehensive reports

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