Accelario Disaster Recovery for Oracle Standard Edition

Affordable, Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery for Oracle Standard Edition

Say goodbye to expensive licenses, say hello to affordable, near-real time Disaster Recovery. Optimize resource allocation and future-proof support for version upgrades.
Recovery in just minutes for any platforms, including managed systems.

Accelerate Disaster Recovery!

Benefit from affordable, near real-time disaster recovery
for Oracle Standard Edition licenses.

Our highly flexible, affordable DR solution optimizes resource allocation, eliminates maintenance downtime and supports all platforms including
AWS RDS and Oracle Cloud ADW/RTP.

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Pay Less for Better Disaster Recovery

Significantly Reduce RTO & RPO

Benefit from super fast disaster recovery with constant backup
on-premises or in the cloud. Near real-time backup ensures
minimal RPO/RTO for Oracle databases, making it the optimal
solution for Standard Edition licenses.
No matter your setup,
we’ve got you covered with support for virtual machines,
public cloud, and on-premises physical servers.