Fast Migration with Minimal Downtime

Quickly and safely migrate secured data with almost no downtime. Simplify complex database copy processes using a self-service solution that streamlines migration from on-prem to cloud and vice versa.

Accelario Migration is an easy-to-use cloud migration solution that helps you reduce the significant costs, risks and complexities involved in data migration. Benefit from a self-service solution that ensures minimal downtime and safe-secure data transfer that achieves 100% efficiencies on hybrid, physical and cloud platforms. With Accelario, organizations migrate their data faster, while reducing operational costs without having to sacrifice on performance.

Complete set up in less than an hour and full migration in just four simple steps, no previous knowledge required. Test your migrations before going live.
Data migration made simple

Up to 20 times faster, 35% cost reduction and an average of 80% time savings, with minimal downtime.
High performance

Logical migration that includes all database objects with data-in-transit encryption on multi-threaded technology.
Advanced technology

High effective for PaaS, IaaS and DBaaS, with support for public/private clouds, Linux, Unix and Windows OS.

Fully compatible with Amazon AWS, Oracle cloud and MS Azure.
Works with major cloud vendors

How it works


High-performance, agile organizations need to easily migrate their data between different on-prem and cloud platforms in a way that’s affordable, effective and that keeps downtime at minimum levels.


Organizations dramatically reduce operational costs and meet their deadlines with a competitively-priced, highly effective migration solution for hybrid, physical and cloud platforms that moves data quickly with near-zero downtime and without sacrificing performance.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Quickly migrate data to new or refreshed databases in minimal downtime without specialized engineering skills. Safely deliver secured data in record time at significantly lower cost, from on-prem to cloud platforms and vice versa.


Turns complex database
copy processes into
a one-click workflow


Mask private and sensitive
data in test environments


Connect our API to CI/CD
automation tools

Accelerate with confidence


Times faster


Av. Cost Savings


Av. Time Savings

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