Data Privacy

Secure and maintain privacy regulation with advanced, realistic data masking and sub-setting. No programming is required.


Protect data that is classified as personal identifiable, personal or commercially sensitive

When data is needed for the purpose of application development and various test cycles, it is a common practice to take data from the production systems to fill the data in non-production environments, however, this infringes privacy regulation and compliance.

On the other hand, masked test data must remain usable for the purposes of undertaking valid test cycles. It must look real and appear consistent.

How Accelario helps

Instant access to production-like data for continuous, secured testing

Mask production data to allow your organization moving data between production to less secured test environments with no risk.

Protect your sensitive data in a simple, one-time configuration process. No programming is required.

Data is being masked while it is being selected, so only masked data is being copied to the test environment.

Accelario masking solution

Choose any combination of masking methods on any combination of databases and columns.

In place masking

Mask data in an existing database

On-the-fly masking

Mask data as a part of provisioning data for test environments

Real time masking

literally no affect on process time and performance


Select any sub-set of the data to be copied and masked


The data is randomly shuffled within the column. The shuffling method is also open to being reversed if the shuffling algorithm can be deciphered.

Random numbers

A method utilizing this manner of masking can still leave a meaningful range in a numeric data set such as payroll.

Random Date Masking

Generate a random past date that occurred not earlier than a specific date

Random address

Generates full address (country, city, street, house no.) randomly.

Clear Data

Sometimes a very simplistic approach to masking is to prevent visibility of a data element.

Realistic Credit Card Data

Masked, realistic standard format credit card.

Social Security Number

Replacement and shuffling of numeric characters

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