Data Virtualization for Agile Testers

Reduce your data footprint and give your testing teams the autonomy they need to move fast. Continuously refreshed, privacy-compliant virtual data environments, independently provisioned and maintained.

Accelario Data Virtualization gives agile teams room to maneuver with a self-service portal that generates virtual environments with the click of a button. Continuously refreshed, virtual data is provisioned directly into the CI/CD pipeline, without consuming extra storage. New data versions are easily created and shared, so that every single team member can go faster with their own, autonomous virtual environment. With Data Virtualization, development, integration, bug reproduction and testing are accelerated.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Quickly migrate data to new or refreshed databases in minimal
 downtime without specialized engineering skills. Safely deliver secured
 data in record time at significantly lower cost, from on-prem to cloud
 platforms and vice versa.

Cut provisioning time down to a minimum

High-speed data copy and refresh in just minutes ensures that you never slow down with access to the data you need, when you need it.

Full independence

An easy-to-use self-service portal gives your teams the tools to create environments and manage their data, without help from anyone.

Minimize data footprint

Generate endless virtual environments that take up a fraction of the storage of solutions without virtualization.

Seamless automation

Maximize agility with seamless CI/CD data pipeline automation.

Stay ahead of privacy regulations

Integrate data masking as an integral part of your data virtualization workflow and continuously monitor all of your virtual environments with automated alerts on potential privacy issues.

Data generator

Automatically generate synthetic database, in minutes

How it works


Testing and analyst teams need access to privacy-compliant, fresh data that can quickly and easily be provisioned to any environment and to a variety of infrastructure configurations.


Teams go faster and meet their goals with an easy-to-use, self-service data copy portal that integrates with CI/CD pipelines, masks and transforms data on-the-fly while optimizing the copy process for any environment and infrastructure.

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