Accelerated migrations with minimal risks

Data migration processes tend to be complex and tedious, keeping DBA teams busy for months, involving risks and lengthy downtime. Despite thorough planning, many projects fail to meet their schedule and budget or yield bad data quality in the target application.

Accelario Migration Suite is an innovative and proven software solution for logical cross-platform migration of Oracle data bases. Built on our 5-step migration methodology, the Accelario Suite automates and accelerates migration and consolidation processes and greatly mitigates risks. Organizations benefit from optimized data quality on the target platform and immediate ROI through greatly reduced project duration, costs and cut-over times compared to those incurred by manually implemented projects.


Key capabilities and use cases

  • Proven solution for logical cross-platform migration, from any platform to any platform
  • OS-agnostic: supports Unix, Linux, Windows and migrations from one operating system to another.
  • Designed for efficient migration to Exadata: supports unique features such as HCC compression, live migration, smart flash cache, etc. to ensure optimized Exadata performance.
  • Built for complex migration projects involving parallel work, excessive data amounts and consolidation of various sources into one target database.
  • Supports latest Oracle versions and technologies (12c, Container technology, etc.)
  • Specific migration approach and rules for each individual platform, database version or application type (e.g. data warehouse, online production environments) according to industry best practices.
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