Disaster Recovery for
Oracle Standard Edition

Consistent, incremental and modern backup that reduces cost, risk and disaster recovery times.

Break free from expensive licenses and deploy an affordable Disaster Recovery solution for your Oracle Standard Edition database. Recovery in just minutes for any type of platform including managed systems such as AWS RDS and Oracle Cloud ADW/ATP.


Ensuring data availability while  conforming to uptime restraints, at an affordable price.


Remote replication of Oracle databases for DR purposes is only available with Oracle Enterprise Edition licensing. 

As there currently is no out-of-the-box DR solution for the Oracle Standard Edition, utilizing the Enterprise Edition DR solution can generate significant costs when your organization needs to scale

How Accelario helps

Maintain an always in-sync backup copy on-premises or in the cloud for fast disaster recovery, at an affordable price.

Accelario Data Suite offers Oracle Standard Edition users high availability and disaster recovery support for hybrid platforms, on-premises or in the cloud,.

Leverage an always in-sync backup copy on-premises or in the cloud for fast disaster recovery. Benefit from high uptime levels and full data availability at a low cost, for Oracle Standard Edition licensing

Unlike legacy methods such as database dumps or proprietary backup formats, the backup copy is live, always in-sync and extremely fast.


We protect and enable instant organizational recovery for any platform including on-premises physical servers, virtual machines, public & private cloud as well as managed platforms like AWS RDS and Oracle ADW/ATP.

Why Choose Accelario?

Fast, near real-time backup in native format, supports disaster recovery in minutes, for public, private clouds and on-premises databases

Accelerated Data Management Solution


Turns complex database
copy processes into
a one-click workflow​


Mask private and sensitive
data in test environments

Synthetic data

Automatically generate
synthetic data, in minutes


Replicate databases for
backup and recovery


Provision zero-storage
data copies, in minutes


Connect our API to CI/CD
automation tools

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