Test Data Privacy for Agile Teams

Maintain data privacy compliance during software development with an Agile TDM Platform. Implement data masking as an integral part of test data delivery workflows.


Test Data Privacy and Agile Software Development: Balancing Speed and Compliance

Maintaining data privacy compliance during the software development process can be a significant challenge for agile teams. As organizations adopt agile methodologies, they need to move faster and release more frequently to remain competitive. This increased velocity introduces new challenges for data privacy compliance. Agile teams need access to high-quality test data to develop, test, and release new software, but that data often includes sensitive customer information that must be protected. The process of creating and managing test data must be designed with data privacy regulations in mind, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Organizations need to ensure that they have a comprehensive data privacy strategy that covers all aspects of their software development process, from test data creation to storage and disposal. Without proper data privacy controls in place, organizations risk significant fines and reputational damage, which can impact their bottom line and ability to compete in their respective markets.

How Accelario helps

Protecting Sensitive Data in Agile Software Development: How Accelario’s Data Masking Streamlines Test Data Management for Faster yet Privacy Compliant Releases

Accelario’s Agile TDM platform can help organizations address the challenge of maintaining data privacy compliance during the software development process. Our platform integrates data masking as part of the test data delivery workflows, ensuring that sensitive data is protected and compliant with data privacy regulations. With our solution, organizations can easily locate and mask sensitive data in accordance with predefined policies, ensuring that lower environments are always compliant with data privacy regulations. Accelario’s data masking enables the creation of production-quality data that preserves formatting and referential integrity with minimal user intervention throughout the masking process. Our Agile TDM platform streamlines the process of creating and managing test data, accelerating development velocity while ensuring data privacy compliance. With Accelario, organizations can reduce the risk of non-compliance and reputational damage while improving their ability to move faster and release more frequently.

Agile TDM with Data Masking Built In by Accelario

Integrated and streamlined masking built into a TDM platform allows for maintaining data privacy compliance without slowing down

AI Powered Sensitive
Data Search

Quickly locate any
database records
containing sensitive data

High speed,
ultra scale masking

High speed algorithms mask sensitive data within potentially very large databases according to predefined or custom built policies


Masked data maintains production quality record formats as well as referential integrity

On Demand
Data Refresh

New data records are automatically masked according to the previous masking workflow


Character Masking

Replace sensitive data with a new string of characters of the same length, maintaining the data’s format

Random Date Masking

Generate a random date that occurs within a selected range from the original date

Substitution Masking

Replace sensitive data with a new value from a predefined list, maintaining the data’s format and consistency.

Format Preserving Masking

Replace sensitive data with a new value that maintains the same format and characteristics as the original data.

Tokenization Masking

Replaces sensitive data with a unique token that is generated based on the original data and stored in a secure vault for later retrieval.

Random Address Masking

Replaces a real address with a different random address, ensuring that the data is still valid and can be used for testing purposes.

Credit Card Masking

Masks credit card data while maintaining its original first four numbers, ensuring that the masked data is still useful for testing without compromising sensitive information.

Social Security Masking

Substitutes real social security numbers with random strings that still comply with the social security string format, ensuring that the data is still valid and can be used for testing purposes while maintaining data privacy compliance.

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