Data Privacy

Secure and maintain privacy regulation with advanced data masking, sub-setting and data-in-transit encryption.

Accelario unique way to mask production data allow your organization to move data between to less secured test environments with no risk. Data is being masked while it is being selected, in such a way that only masked data is being copied to the test environment. Accelario masking engine allow our customers to protect their sensitive data in a simple, one time configuration process.

Instant access to production copies for continuous, secured testing

The masking process works using any combination of masking methods on any combination of columns. The data is masked on the fly during the copy, so there is no sensitive data available in the destination database. There is also an option to mask data in an existing database.


Accelario supports different masking methods like Substitution, Shuffling and Tokenization. It also allows the user to decide on the masking methods and data to be masked. This module supports:

  • In place masking – operate the action on the database server itself
  • On the fly masking – as part of the build & refresh data processes

The masking is done in the SELECT stage of the data on the source, in such a way that no sensitive data is exposed outside the source and has literally no  affect of the process time and performance.


The option to copy any sub-set or parts of of the database:

  • Specific tables
  • Specific user
  • Between dates
  • Unique select & where commands

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