Disaster Recovery

Consistent, incremental modern backup for reducing cost, risk and disaster recovery times.

Break free from expensive licenses and deploy an affordable near real-time Disaster Recovery solution to your Oracle Standard Edition database.

How Accelario helps

Keep a constant backup copy on-premises or in the cloud for fast disaster recovery

Unlike legacy methods such as database dumps or proprietary backup formats, the backup copy is a live, identical database that is synchronized incrementally at all time.

 Our backup windows are near real-time and extremely fast. The data is stored in native format, therefore allows quick recovery and switchover in just minutes. We support virtual machines, public cloud, managed platforms, or on-premises physical servers protecting and enabling instant organization recovery

Fast, near real-time backup in native format, supports disaster recovery in minutes


Fast disaster
recovery of any data
size, in minutes


Native production-alike
format backup


Near real-time
reduced RPO/RTO


Public clouds, private
clouds, PaaS and

Simplify Your Data

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