Test Data Management & DevOps

Boost your application development delivery with simpler, faster and compliant data for your test environments  

Provisioning self-service high-quality test data instantly and free your team to efficiently deploy applications tests and development, on-premise or in the cloud.

Database Administrators (DBAs) are extremely busy with creating physical database copies, refreshing and copying data between production, test environments, DevOps processes and more. Choosing the right provision method, configuring source and target database, accurately forecast storage requirements, and eventually testing properly is a lengthy complex processes.  It means long wait cycles for developers and testers, due to significant time of creating and refreshing physical copies and increased storage costs.

Accelario Data Suite – a new approach to test data management for agile environments

Our DataOps suite is an innovative, self-service platform for streamlined database copy, refreshes and builds that simplifies and accelerates DevOps pipelines, test data management and cloud adoptions. Speed up your go-to-market and application with fast, secured provisioning. Reduce wait-time for any type of test data to minutes.

Accelario’s unique TDM capabilities are tailored specifically for DevOps, R&D, and QA teams, supports leading databases and CI/CD tools. it provides its users with full self-service control both at source and target while accelerating execution and reducing source down time. Data moving is rendered efficiently and transparently, which also automatically compresses data in the target environment to optimizes performance. QA teams can now access their test data, without contacting IT support.

Keeping customer privacy and data compliance

Accelario ensures secure and truly hassle-free environment refresh, through its Data Masking Engine, preventing sensitive data from reaching unprotected databases. Through the Accelario management interface, IT managers simply define the fields containing sensitive data, which are scrambled on the fly during refresh. Based on parallel processing with controlled parallel degree, the Accelario masking algorithms include tokens, values-replace, ID generation (credit card numbers, SCN), random values generation, deletion of sensitive data, etc.

Deliver data in minutes with database virtualization

Create virtual database copies to development teams in just minutes. The virtual data is always synchronized with the source database, can deliver data snapshots from the past or emulate the latest production data. The virtual copies are compressed and mostly memory-based thus saving storage space and costs. Great for CI/CD, sandboxes, and more.

Use synthetic data as an alternative

Create Synthetic test data does not use any data from the production database. It is an artificial data based on the data scheme for that database.  Synthetic test data is generated automatically in record time, to the tune of billions of records per hour, faster than any solution. Most generation rules are chosen automatically, and you can fine tune some or create additional rules.

Replicate and synch your databases

Automate your test data builds for DevOps processes

Connect our API to CI/CD processes and automation tools such as Jenkins and Chef.io, to automate your test data builds and copy processes.

Few examples of what you can do

Some examples of how our Data Suite can help you to deliver application faster, take a look at our video channel. You can watch short videos how to cope with huge production databases, provide test databases for number of QA engineers, producing multiple database copies out of the same production data base and generate synthetic data. All in a self-service, define-once-run-many apparoch.

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