Database Virtualization

Database Virtualization

for Agile Teams

Empower your agile teams with the autonomy they need to move fast. Continuously refreshed, privacy-compliant virtual test data environments, are independently provisioned and maintained without taking up extra storage space.

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and manage
them like code

Accelario Database Virtualization gives agile teams autonomy to move faster with a self-service portal that generates virtual test data environments with the click of a button. Virtual databases are managed like code and can be version controlled, rewound back to previous data states, replicated and shared across teams, provisioned and refreshed as part of the CI/CD pipeline, without consuming extra storage. With Database Virtualization, development, integration, bug reproduction and testing are accelerated.

Database Virtualization

Quickly Deliver Privacy Safe and Lightweight Test Data Environments

Quick delivery of test data environments

High-speed test data copy and refresh in just minutes ensures that you never slow down with access to the test data you need, when you need it.

Complete Autonomy

Effortless test data management with a user-friendly self-service portal, empowering your teams to create environments and manage test data seamlessly without any external assistance.

Minimize storage footprint

Generate multiple virtual environments that take up a fraction of the storage of solutions without virtualization.

Manage vDBs like code

Version control, rewind, share and replicate vDBs seamlessly like code. Automate vDB workflows as part of CI/CD pipelines with RESTful APIs.

Ensure data privacy compliance

Masking is integrated natively into the virtual database workflows, so vDBs are always safe to use and privacy compliant.

Add synthetic data

Fill up vDBs with synthetic data that automatically conforms to the existing data structure. Increase test coverage and address what if scenarios.

How it works


Development, QA and data science teams often end up waiting for test data, this challenge can be quite significant. Delays in obtaining the necessary environment can hinder progress and negatively impact the efficiency of the entire application delivery process. These teams are eager to apply their expertise and innovative ideas, but without the required test data, they find themselves at a standstill.

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Accelario’s agile Test Data Management (TDM) platform offers an effective solution to the challenge faced by teams waiting for test data. With its advanced database virtualization capabilities, Accelario enables the rapid provisioning of test data environments, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency. By automating the process of creating, delivering, rewinding and refreshing test data, the platform ensures that teams have access to the test data they need when they need it. Consequently, development, QA and data science teams can maintain their focus on innovation and deliver high-quality software.

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