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Modernized TDM platform for DevOps that meets the needs of  businesses looking to go faster and achieve more.

Revolutionize the way
organizations move, access, use and manage data

One of the main goals of DevOps teams is to improve the overall workflow of software and application delivery. Access to Data is a real bottleneck and a big challenge in this cycle.

We aim to assist companies that want to accelerate software & application delivery cycle using agile methodology, by providing fast access to high quality data, to enable quick innovate and deliver even faster.

Revolutionize the way organizations move, access, use and manage data with a simple-to-use, self-service platform that accelerate and simplify complex DevOps challenges and processes.

Why Partner with Accelario

Technology advantage to attract new customers

Take the lead by offering the world’s most advanced Modernized TDM Platform for DevOps teams to accelerate software and application delivery while protecting data privacy and security while protecting data privacy and security.

Minimize support & training costs

Accelario’s simple-to-use, self service data portal set for ease of use, enabling post installation training and support costs down to a minimum.

Long-term data needs for revenue stream

Generate long-term licensing revenue streams by upselling and cross-selling different Accelario modules that provide solutions to an organization’s most pressing data challenges.

Collaborative Partnership committed to our partners success

We work hand-in-hand with our partners, providing ongoing training and support to ensure that you deliver the best possible value to your customers.

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