There are no limits to migrating from any OS to any OS or Database sizes – migrating a big database from HP to Linux on Oracle 11g is fully supported.

There are several options for downtime:

  1. Full downtime of the Database for the duration of the migration process.
  2. Setting read-only on the source Database for the duration of the migration process.
  3. First splitting the source Database into static and live data. Second copying static data before the downtime begin and only then starting the actual downtime and copying of live data.

The speed depends on hardware limitations (network bandwidth, storage speed & servers CPU). Rough estimate is up to 2 hours for 1TB data.

For a more accurate estimate, please run the attached Check_Objects script and send us the output for review (we will analyze and send you a short report on the expected process on this Database).

The software provides the ability to filter any table, therefor if you want to copy 1% of the data, you must set correct filters on the tables.

Usually, there is no need to set it for every table, but only on the largest ones. The filter may be based on inlcluding but not limited to: dates (e.g. last 2 months of activity), on business units (e.g. only data of department X). Currently, we do not have automatic identification of relations between the tables, so the filters should be defined manually for such cases.

It takes minutes to set the task you need to configure a new “Workflow” (our definition for a single refresh process). After that you can run it automatically with the scheduler. The speed is heavily influenced by hardware limitations.

The requested data size will be 10TB * 1% = 100GB. With Accelario, you probably get less than 30 minutes for a 100GB data migration.

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