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Empower Your Dev &
QA Teams with Fast, Real Data for Agile Development and Quality Testing

Accelario Database Virtualization streamlines test data management (TDM) and accelerates development cycles by providing your teams with independently owned real data, ensuring high-quality testing, data privacy, and compliance.

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Enable Your Teams to Achieve More, Faster

Traditional methods of provisioning databases are time-consuming and cause delays in development and testing cycles, slowing down your entire software development lifecycle.

With Accelario, your DevOps, Engineering, and QA teams can have their own realistic data, and generate multiple virtual databases swiftly, enabling rapid deployment and testing cycles.

Close the Gap with Realistic Anonymized Data

In today’s automated development environments, where building environments, pushing code, and unit testing are fully automated, the only missing piece is realistic anonymized data. Accelario fills this gap seamlessly.

With Accelario, developers can automatically pull the latest realistic data alongside their code. This ensures that when they push their code, they can test it on accurate, anonymized data before releasing it or passing it to QA. This integration enhances the testing process, increases data integrity, and accelerates the development lifecycle, ultimately leading to more reliable software releases.

Eliminate Heavy Storage Costs

Keeping multiple copies of databases for development and testing can drain resources, both in terms of money and time. Storing these copies consumes a lot of space, which translates to hefty storage costs.

With Accelario, you can dodge these expenses by using virtual databases. These virtual versions are crafted from a special ‘golden image’ copy. Unlike traditional copies, these virtual ones don’t gobble up extra storage space, slashing infrastructure expenses.

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Free Your Teams from
IT & DBA Dependencies

Teams frequently lean on IT and Database Administrators (DBAs) to handle database tasks, causing bottlenecks and slowdowns in operations.

With self-service database management, your teams are empowered to autonomously manage their databases, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Self-service provisioning gives teams access to an intuitive interface to provision, refresh, and manage their virtual databases independently, streamlining workflows and reducing dependency on IT and DBA operations.

Remove Inefficient Test
Data Refreshes

Manually refreshing test data is sluggish and prone to errors, hindering the ability to conduct frequent and dependable testing cycles.

With Accelario Database Virtualization your teams can instantly refresh their test databases from the golden image, enabling recurrent testing iterations without delay. Automated refresh also gives your teams the control to seamlessly refresh their virtual databases, maintaining up-to-date realistic data for continuous testing cycles.

Get Rid of Defects Early & Easily

Ensuring that all testing environments are consistent with the production database is challenging, often resulting in bugs and issues not being identified until later stages.

Accelario Database Virtualization enables you to create isolated testing environments for each team with its own isolated dataset derived from the golden image, ensuring test integrity and preventing interference between groups.

Achieve Rapid Onboarding
and Easy Implementation

Accelario’s rapid onboarding and easy implementation are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency from day one. With a streamlined installation process and a user-friendly interface, your team can quickly get up and running without the need for extensive training.

Accelario’s compatibility with existing systems, along with robust APIs and pre-built connectors, ensures smooth integration with your current tools and platforms. Automated data onboarding and minimal downtime during the setup process further enhance operational continuity.


Connect with the platforms you use every day

Achieve Extraordinary Results with
Database Virtualization

Developer Hours Saved

Experience up to 30% faster release cycles by optimizing database provisioning and test data management.

Vulnerability to Human Errors

Accelerate development and testing timelines, enabling quicker time-to-market for your products.

Streamlined Data Governance

Maintain consistency and freshness across environments, enforcing data privacy and compliance effortlessly.

Resource Savings

Reduce infrastructure costs and free up valuable personnel hours for core development activities.

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