Commercial Bank implemented Accelario as its main Data Masking solution

April, 2020.

One of our customers for Test Data Management (TDM), a leading retail Bank, chose Accelario In Place Data Masking to perform a daily sensitive data masking process on one of the Bank critical and important systems. The Bank is already using Accelario On-The-Fly Static Masking as part of their TDM solution, but in this case they needed the masking process to be done quickly and easily on the Target server post a Database copy. By using Accelario the process is done in minutes and all sensitive data is protected.

A demo of Accelario Masking can be find on our You Tube channel:

Korean services company using Accelario to synchronize tens of databases

Feb, 2020.

A customer of AWS, Korean sea shipping services company, chose AWS cloud infrastructure  as their database DR location. The company is using Accelario to an ongoing solution of synchronizing more then 70 databases into AWS IaaS and PaaS.

Leading Insurance Company consolidated 90 databases with Accelario

July, 2019.

Following a successful quick POC, the company’s’ team consolidated more then 90 databases of various sizes and locations into one Exadata. As per the customer team, this act saved them more then 50% o the planned project time as a whole. In addition, customer downtime for each consolidated system was minimum and didn’t effect the business or the Dev and Test teams.

Amdocs migrates cross-platform databases with Accelario

October, 2018.

Accelario’s migration suite was chosen to resolve the Amdocs migration of critical customer production databases. The request included minimizing system downtime, changing the necessary database structure, an upgrade to an advanced Oracle version, and a move between two different operating systems. Amdocs tested various options based on market best practices and common tools, and chose to migrate with Accelario, which showed the shortest downtime, best performance, and the easiest process. Amdocs chose Accelario to perform various migrations, cutting downtime windows by half and performing all changes and upgrades needed as part of the process.

Shahar Sharet from Amdocs: “Accelario was chosen since it addressed our needs perfectly. We were happy with the easy and fast configuration and even happier with the actual results. It is the fastest software we have ever come across for those need, specifically built for migrations and environment refresh.”

Eyal Arbel, Accelario CEO, explained on this unique solution; “By implementing our solution, Amdocs dramatically reduced its project cost and time. As a result, we are currently in a POC process for Accelario to be the organization’s main DevOps refresh tool, allowing DevOps containers built automatically to additionally obtain the most updated data in an autonomous process run by Accelario in the background. Accelario was developed to answer all needs around two main purposes; (1) Cloud Migrations – database moving on Premise to the Cloud or between Clouds and later refreshing those databases; and (2) DevOps needs for database refreshes, making the Data Ops automation real.”

Accelario ( – software solutions focusing on Data Mobility.

DevOps data update for containers with Accelario

April, 2018.

Accelario was the chosen solution to perform data updates and refresh to DevOps containers for a leading global services leader, supporting hundreds of users and systems, on a private cloud.

The project is currently in a working POC, and as such not public. More updates soon.

Accelario software was chosen as a banking Self Service Data Mobility solution

September, 2017.

Accelario migration suite was chosen as the solution for a Bank requesting a self-service platform to support its QA and Test teams while building and refreshing Oracle and MS SQL databases. The solution is used by tens of end users currently, who refresh more then 1000 MS SQL databases and over 100 Oracle databases. The Bank use this solution to support daily and weekly data migration of QA needs for refreshed database in various structures and technologies. The solution ilclude also a Masking solution to protect sensetive data, while each user has a different level of access to the data and to actions they can do while operating the refreh.

Eyal Arbel, Accelario CEO explained on this unique solution; “By implementing the system, the Bank is able to reduce its refresh cycle dramitacally – from three days in average to one hour!. The change was due to the fact that the End User is now activating by his own the refresh of the database, not depending on a DBA any more, copying only the needed data, not the whole databses and in a fast and easy process. The Bank DBA team freed 30% of their time due to this impementation”.

Accelario ( An AWS technology partner, is a software company that focuses on Database management solutions.

NobexRadio, worldwide leader in streaming radio content, completed migration from Rackspace to AWS with Accelario software.

July 2016.

Nobex ( world leader in streaming live radio content, completed a successful migration of their production database from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services. Nobex migrated an SQL Server 2005 on Rackspace physical server to MS SQL Server 2014 on AWS EC2, in one process with little downtime due to Accelario’s unique capabilities in the Cloud.

Ran Rosin from Nobex says: “ We have thousands of customers and millions of users worldwide working online with our system. The database we migrated is a critical one and downtime needed to be minimal. Also, as part of the migration process from Rackspace to AWS we wanted to upgrade the MS SQL version and have some changes in the database structure at the same time. Accelario was the perfect choice; one software to perform all of these requirements in one quick process and with minimum downtime. Actually, the downtime we experienced was mainly due to servers and network performances between the two Cloud providers.”

“Accelario is a software built specifically for cases like this one”, explain Eyal Arbel, Accelario CEO, “customers want to be independent in choosing their Cloud platform. Also customers needs are to move, refresh and protect their Databases easily both on Premise and on Cloud. With Accelario all those homogenous scenarios are supported, as well as any change to the database technology. Accelario is also an unique TDM (Test Data Management) solution, allowing customers to select sensitive data to perform on-the-fly Masking and to select only required data for Test Environments, vs. having to copy the whole Production database. Therefore, we can save a lot of money on IT costs while protecting sensitive data“.

Accelario ( An AWS technology partner, is a software company that focuses on Database management solutions.

Shagrir Group, a market leader in road services, executed a successful TDM project by employing Accelario software.

Holon, Israel – February 2016
Shagrir Group, a market leader in road services, executed a successful TDM project by employing Accelario software. The project involved transfering data from two different operating systems, implementing changes in the data base structure, and version upgrades – all in one smooth, fast process with minimal production system downtime.

With the system up and running, a data refresh between the environments is conducted daily using Accelario Refresh.
Goor Maor, CIO at Shagrir, noted that “The TDM project we undertook was carried out without any disruption to Shagrir’s production systems and ongoing work, thanks to the proper planning and use of Accelario’s migration software.”

Back online, Shagrir implemented the Accelario Refresh module to conduct data refreshes between the environments. Mr. Maor added: “I periodically perform a refresh to the development system data to ensure that developers can work on the most current database. Now I can provide them with a very fast reaction time due to Accelario’s solution. I’d definitely say that updating the development database has shortened from a full 24 hour cycle to mere hours. Additionally, automating the process creates an environment at the click of a button, without any further intervention on my part.”

Accelario is a software developer specializing in data base environments: data scrambling, environment refresh, and logical migration. The system currently supports Oracle and Microsoft environments. Our BigData module is set for a June 2016 release.
Shagrir are joining a list of dozens of satisfied customers using Accelario as their solution.

Satellite TV Provider YES announces migration of its Data Warehouse to Exadata in record time with the help of Salto consulting and Accelario migration software

Kfar Saba, Israel, October, 2015 – YES, the Israeli Satellite TV Provider, today announced that it has successfully completed the migration of its entire Data Warehouse from a UNIX environment to Exadata within the record time of six hours by using Accelario Migration Suite.

Just3 months after installing Exadata in YES, the organization enjoys a Data Warehouse system that is stronger and needs significantly less time for running reports. This offers real change in daily work routines for management, hundreds of BI systems users, and the company’s customers.

The project was implemented by three YES IT division departments – Infrastructure directed by Natan Zucker, IT R&D directed by Avner Katzman,and Business Intelligence directed by Ido Bigger.

It was les by Arkady Gurevich, manager of UNIX systems, DBA, Storage & CTO and Adi Levi, manager of Information Solutions.

Ido Bigger, of the Business Intelligence department: “Business information in YES became an area of competitive advantage. The organization needs information on an on going basis, and BI data is a major anchor in any decision making. Transitioning to Exadata is an inseparable part of understanding our competitive advantage and what it needs for the coming years in our data world.”

Adi Levi, Information Solutions: “When we began planning the project, Logical Migration was clearly the necessary choice as the transfer from UNIX to Exadata cannot be performed by Physical Migration.”

Originally, planning was based primarily on standard migration tools. During a migration trial it became clear that data migration alone would take some 36 hours, an unacceptable time frame for the project team as well as management. YES started looking for a solution to dramatically shorten downtime.

Arkady Gurevich: “Clearly the data migration time had to be considerably reduced. Accelario offered us a solution that seemed unbelievable, but after understanding how it works, we realized this was the best solution for us.”

After installing the software, the project was accelerated. Since configuration and migration execution with Accelario software is fairly simple, several trial migrations were conducted. YES executed the Exadata migration in 6 hours instead of 36. Additionally a database software upgrade was performed in the meantime, shrinking data (using HCC technology) from 8 to 4 Tera Bytes, including the reorganization of information, deletion of unnecessary data and more. All the above was performed in a continuous process and with one software platform– Accelario Migration Suite.

Accelario is an innovative software solution for executing Logical Migration across platforms and different Oracle Database versions. This software enables parallel work from multiple sources by simultaneously copying hundreds of tables while monitoring on-line changes during the process.

“The Accelario solution is essential in any project of cross platforms Database migration, supporting all sources, targets, Database software versions or operating systems,” states Eyal Arbel of Accelario. “Accelario ERM makes it possible to refresh environments in real time. The next software release, commercially available in March 2015, will also contain a mechanism that automatically detects and re compresses elements that were decompressed during migration, as well as a masking module. Accelario offers these benefits in addition to the overall significant decrease in project costs compared to conventional execution.”

Salto provides professional services for Databases, and represents Accelario in Israel.

Cal Credit Cards LTD. announces successful migration of production systems and Data Warehouse to Oracle Exadata, based on Accelario Migration Suite.

Givatayim, Israel, November, 2015– Cal Credit Cards LTD. announced today that over the past year it has successfully executed the migration of its Data Warehouse and various production systems to Oracle Exadata, improving overall performance of these business-critical systems. The project was executed by Cal’s technical team under the guidance of experts from Salto Database Professional Services and based on the Accelario Migration Suite.

Mr. Avi Polak, director of Cal IT infrastructure department: “Seeking greater efficiency for our clients’ benefit, the project had three main goals: lower TCO of our largest databases, obtain major performance improvement towards providing our customers with faster services, and archive historical information.”

The migrated databases are critical to the organization. Migration downtime needed to be as short as possible, with minimal risk. “Using the Accelario Migration Suite we successfully lowered migration time by 65%, as this unique software is dedicated to migration and easy to apply. Salto experts led product implementation and execution of the migration with great success.”

During 2014 a Data Warehouse migration was performed from a source platform of three Linux RAC servers with 2 nodes to a target of one quarter Exadata machine x4-2 with full RAC on 2 nodes.
• Database before migration was 16 Tera, and on Exadata dropped to 7.
• The Oracle version on Exadata was upgraded from 10 to 11.
• The database included more than 60,000 tables, scattered in about 30 different schemes.

As part of the migration, a change was implemented in the structure of some tables, some shifted into partitions, and existing partitions in others were altered. Object compression was also executed, moving others to Table Spacing and copying needed indexes only.
All these improvements were executed in one parallel action by one software – Accelario Migration Suite – handling data transfer, maximal compression, version upgrade, new database structuring, and partitioning.

Before implementing Accelario in Cal, a conventional migration experiment was carried out. It revealed that migration time for data alone would be 40 hours, whihc was unacceptable to management, as downtime for the whole process was not supposed to exceed 24 hours.

Accelario completed the Cal data migration in just 14 hours (65% improvement). Testing involved 6 hours more, the entire process completed in only 20 hours.
In 2014, two additional Cross-Platform migration projects were executed by Cal using Accelario showing similar results. With Accelario ERM module (Environment Refresh Manager), Cal regularly runs environment refreshes of its databases, from production to development environment.

Eyal Arbel, Business Development manager at Accelario: “When an organization chooses Exadata, it faces a real challenge unlike any other previous migration. Wanting to make the operation easier for the customer, we in Accelario have built a special platform aimed at overcoming issues resulting from migration. The result is software that simplifies work and shortens migration time by more than 50%. We have already executed several projects with similar outcomes, resulting in immediate savings of time and money, and lowering risks.”