Data Masking

On the fly Data Masking

Accelario is a unique way to mask Production Data allow the organization to move data between Production to less secured Test environments with no risk. Data is being masked while it is being selected, in such a way that
only masked data is being copied to the Test environment
. Accelario masking engine allow our customers to protect their sensitive data in a simple, one time configuration process.

Sensitive Data Search Engine allows the user to be able to find all requested data to be masked, BEFORE starting the masking process. This way no production data selected to be masked by the user is missed in the process.

The masking process works using any combination of masking methods on any combination of columns. In case of ERM – the data is masked on the fly during the copy, so there is no sensitive data ever in the destination database. In case of InPlace – the data is masked inside the existing database. In any case , the results are consistent, meaning the same original values are translated into same new masked values. Also, the results are consistent across different database vendors – Oracle or SQL Server.

Notes Method Family
Replace the original value with a new one based on the hash value of the original value. Many original values may be mapped to the same new value, depending on the size of a pre-defined list of values. Every type of data is replaced using dedicated list. The lists may be changed or created by user requests. Change is IRREVERSIBLE and consistent Family names, Private names, City names, Street names Replace
Replaces the original value with new a one based on one-to-one translation(token). Every unique original value is mapped to a unique new value. Supports multiple tables of tokens. Reversible and consistent. Tokenize Token
Generates a new credit card number, leaving meaningful digits intact, recalculating control digit. Supports leading zeroes. Irreversible and consistent Generate Credit card Credit card
Generates a new ID or SSN number, leaving meaningful digits intact, recalculating control digit. Irreversible and consistent Generate ID ID/ SSN
Generates a new number based on the original number. Irreversible and consistent Generate any number General numeric masking
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