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March 4, 2024

C-Vision | The Future of IT: CIO Think Tank

March 26, 2024

9:55 AM PT | 12:55 PM ET | 17:55 UTC

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C-Vision | The Future of IT: CIO Think Tank

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The Future of QA and Test Data Management: What’s In, What’s Out, What’s Next
Hosted by C-Vision International

This presentation explores the dynamic landscape of Quality Assurance (QA) and Test Data Management (TDM) in the realm of modern software development. Gone are the days of manual testing marathons and slow deployments. While automation has streamlined many processes, the missing piece in this puzzle has been real data. This presentation delves into the evolution of TDM, emphasizing the significance of using real, live production data for testing in an era dominated by automation. The focus is on cutting-edge TDM solutions, exemplified by companies like Accelario, which not only provide access to real data but also address privacy and compliance challenges. The integration of anonymized real data into the testing process is shown to have profound implications, accelerating time-to-market, enhancing software quality, and ensuring compliance with privacy standards. As we embrace this new era, the presentation underscores the pivotal role TDM will continue to play in shaping the future of software development, making it faster, safer, and more reliable.

Our Speakers

Yossi Carmon

Yossi Carmon