Accelario Advances Shift Left Testing with New Features for Its Test Data Management Platform

Accelario Advances Shift Left Testing with New Features for Its Test Data Management Platform

February 23, 2024

Enhanced TDM Platform Enables Tighter Amazon RDS Integration and Ensures Data Privacy Compliance

NEW YORK – December 13, 2023Accelario, the leader in Test Data Management (TDM) innovation, today announced significant new enhancements to the Accelario Test Data Management platform that make it easier than ever for DevOps teams to transition to a “shift left testing” approach. The Accelario TDM platform now offers tighter integration with Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS), offering seamless support for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) test databases. Accelario also upgraded several capabilities for database virtualization and test data masking, further eliminating DevOps bottlenecks while ensuring data privacy compliance.

The fast-growing test data masking market is driven by three key trends: the continuous software development cycle, rising data volumes, and stringent data privacy regulations such as GDPR. Enterprise DevOps teams are rapidly adopting new technologies to meet these demands, including cloud services, automation, and AI to enable faster, more scalable software development. However, software testing databases have been largely left out of the innovation wave—until now.  

“Until very recently, more than 70 percent of software engineering teams were still preparing their test data manually. This led to significant software release delays and human error in the testing process, which can negatively impact software quality and create data privacy compliance risks,” said Yossi Carmon, CEO of Accelario. “By making cutting-edge enhancements to our TDM platform, organizations can bring testing into the software development cycle much sooner and ensure smooth, timely delivery of software.”

Legacy TDM solutions aren’t built to keep up with the increasing demands of agile software development teams for continuous, independent access to fresh, privacy-compliant test data across multiple environments. The enhanced features of the new Accelario TDM platform solve these challenges, including:

  • Tighter Integration with Amazon RDS: Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a cloud service that makes it easy for users to set up, deploy, and scale a relational database in the cloud. DevOps teams can leverage the Accelario TDM platform in the cloud to automate time-consuming administration tasks associated with test data management. Accelario’s enhanced support for Amazon RDS is now available for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servers. With tighter integration, Accelario enables the seamless creation of virtual copies of AWS RDS databases on regular EC2 servers. Accelario delivers a tailored experience for the fully AWS cloud-native solution. Developers can utilize AWS native resources for handling storage.
  • Improved Data Masking Tools: DevOps teams must be sure that testing data does not create data privacy risks for the organization. Data masking is gaining wider acceptance as the best way to achieve this. Accelario has added enhanced data masking tools, including masked calculated fields, preview,  read-only masking mechanisms to its platform. 
  • Rapid Data Environment Setup: Users can clone their AWS RDS databases with simplicity, making it easier for them to manage multiple test environments. The enhanced Accelario platform enables developers to set up new test data environments faster, allowing for rapid development and testing cycles. Easily scale up or down according to project requirements, thanks to the adaptable nature of virtual copies on EC2.
  • More Intuitive User Interface: No specialized skillset is required with the Accelario TDM platform. Without the need for specialized knowledge in OS or filesystem management, a broader range of development team members can use the solution.
  • Cost-Effective Scalability and Flexibility: Agile development teams can take advantage of AWS’s cost-effective storage solutions, reducing overall expenses related to data storage and management.  Easily scale resources up or down based on the team’s specific needs, thanks to the flexible nature of AWS cloud services.

The new version of Accelario’s TDM platform is now available in the U.S. and Europe.

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