Join Engineering, DevOps and QA teams leveraging Database Virtualization
and Data Anonymization for faster, quality releases

Solve Your Toughest Application Pipeline Challenges 

Shorten Time to Market

Streamline your development
lifecycle by providing test data with
continuous application testing.

Remove Dev Bottlenecks

Manually provisioning test data
environments eats up time and
storage, and depends on
infrastructure teams.

Reduce Development Times

Cut the time it takes to provision
test data environments by up to
90% with our AI-powered solutions.

Minimize Production Bugs
Minimize Production Bugs

Enhance code quality and customer satisfaction by minimizing production bugs with our solutions

Rapid Production Bug Resolution
Rapid Production Bug Resolution

Accelerate bug fixes with immediate access to anonymized production data, avoiding hours or days of delay

Cut Costs

Save up to 90% on data
storage space and increase labor
efficiency with automated workflows.

On-prem and On-Cloud - hybrid

Managed database and non-
managed databases. Click away

End your DevOps Bottleneck by Testing Earlier

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Streamline, Automate, and Govern Data with One Solution

Database Virtualization

Downtime is costly. Too often, teams find themselves waiting for the
test data they need, hindering progress and increasing time to market.
52% of testing time is lost by searching and finding the right test data.

Accelario drastically reduces downtime by rapidly provisioning virtual
test data environments that are secure, compliant, continuously
refreshed, independently provisioned, and maintained without eating
up storage space. The result is next-level efficiency and agility.

Accelario provided us with a solution that highly minimized risks and enabled us to complete the project in a short time. Our planned downtime went from 35 hours to less than 4. We finished the project 3 months ahead of schedule with costs reduced by 35%.

Avi Polak,
Director of Computing Infrastructure

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Data Anonymization

Adhering to the security and privacy requirements for test data takes considerable skill and time, slowing you down and ballooning costs—unless you have Accelario.

Our AI-powered data anonymization solution rapidly anonymizes test data, making it useless to cybercriminals while keeping it “realistic” and maintaining the structure mandated by the application. This ensures security and compliance and accelerates your development lifecycle.

Our customers typically have multiple different environments. Whether it’s one stream of development or multiple streams at the same time, Accelario helps to manage and mask sensitive data residing in those environments, which opens up the possibilities of using production data within development and testing environments.

Martin Bailey, Director of Innovative & Eco System

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Connect with the platforms you use every day

Unite Your Teams With One
TDM Solution 

Accelario turns the test data bottleneck into a steady pipeline, making sure
your teams have the test data they need when and where they need it,
while ensuring security and compliance.

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of productivity hours saved


reduction in database sizes

6 hours

on average for refresh times instead of 3 days

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