Perforce acquires test data management platform provider Delphix

Perforce acquires test data management platform provider Delphix

March 20, 2024

This post has been updated since publication with additional commentary on the acquisition.

Originally published on SD Times

Perforce today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire test data management (TDM) platform provider Delphix, adding those capabilities to its wide range of software development and DevOps solutions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Along with test data management that helps organizations harness, mine and analyze data, Delphix brings to Perforce data virtualization and masking that enables users to more easily create and take down cloud-based data environments, according to Perforce’s announcement.

“The addition of Delphix to our portfolio adds critical data management capabilities that help enterprise organizations realize an automated and accelerated DevOps pipeline,” said Jim Cassens, CEO of Perforce, in a statement announcing the acquisition. “In addition to data automation and compliance, we are also excited to provide our customers with the operational efficiencies and reduced costs afforded by the Delphix platform through lower storage expenditures and footprint. We look forward to working with the Delphix team to continue delivering data management innovation to our customers.”

Yossi Carmon, CEO of Accelario, another DevOps TDM company, had this to say: “As organizations continue to prioritize agility and automation in their software delivery pipelines, the integration of robust TDM capabilities becomes increasingly essential. This acquisition may indeed indicate a heating up of the TDM market, as companies seek comprehensive solutions to address the complexities of managing and provisioning test data effectively. While this deal may represent a significant step forward, it could also signal the beginning of a trend towards further M&A activity in the TDM space as companies strive to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.”