Accelario Database Virtualization: Ease of Integration and Installation

Accelario Database Virtualization: Ease of Integration and Installation

July 9, 2024

Accelario’s Database Virtualization solution revolutionizes the management of virtual databases (VDBs) across your organization. With a focus on ease of integration and installation, our solution ensures that your VDB processes are operational swiftly, regardless of your existing infrastructure. We also offer a couple of hours of free consultation to guide you through the initial setup.

Our solution is compatible with various environments, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Postgres, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud on platforms like AWS and Azure. The straightforward installation process allows organizations to start managing your VDBs in no time.

By leverage Accelario’s Database Virtualization solution, you can confidently make virtual database management efficient and straightforward, reducing infrastructure costs while enhancing development velocity. Download our overview to learn more about Accelario’s Database Virtualization installation and integration.

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