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The Business Need for a Robust Test
Data Management

Tungsten Automation required a Test Data Management (TDM) solution that could be swiftly integrated into their existing Oracle database and AWS infrastructures. The new solution needed to support easy data refresh processes, reduce storage footprints, ensure data anonymization for privacy compliance, and empower DevOps teams with self-service capabilities.

Without a rapid replacement, Tungsten Automation risked significant disruptions to its development and testing workflows, potentially impacting product release cycles and operational efficiency.


Efficient TDM Integration and Data Virtualization

Tungsten Automation prioritized finding a TDM solution that could be quickly onboarded, easily integrated with existing infrastructure on AWS, and provide robust database virtualization capabilities within its Oracle Database.

After evaluating multiple vendors, Tungsten Automation selected Accelario for its ability to meet these requirements efficiently. Accelario’s strong customer success record and expertise in rapid implementation were also instrumental in the decision-making.

Rapid Onboarding and Easy Implementation

Accelario collaborated closely with the Tungsten Automation team to complete onboarding and implementation of the TDM solution within two weeks, ensuring minimal downtime, operational disruptions, and seamless integration – a notable improvement over traditional TDM vendors that often require months for integration.

Enhanced Test Environment Management

The development teams at Tungsten Automation were able to create, refresh, and share test environments quickly and easily, empowering DevOps with self-service capabilities. This reduced the reliance on IT intervention while increasing development speed by +30%. Additionally, 50% of development bottlenecks were removed, fostering a more agile development cycle.

Accelario’s Database Virtualization solution streamlined the testing processes, enhanced data management, and ensured compliance with data privacy regulations.

Seamless Integration and Improved Efficiency

Offering versatile connectivity options, on-premises, in the cloud, and hybrid, Accelario integrated seamlessly with Tungsten Automation’s existing Oracle and AWS environments, enabling efficient test data management and reducing storage requirements.

The implementation of Accelario has positioned Tungsten Automation for continued success, enabling agile development cycles and robust test environment management.

With the enhanced efficiency and capabilities provided by Accelario, Tungsten Automation has maintained its competitive edge in the intelligent automation software market.



Tungsten Automation successfully transitioned from Actifio to Accelario, achieving rapid onboarding and implementation, enhanced test environment management, and improved operational efficiency.

Tungsten Automation plans to continue leveraging Accelario’s capabilities to support its strategic goals and further enhance its development and testing processes.

About Tungsten Automation

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, has been at the forefront of digital workflow transformation for nearly four decades. As a trusted global leader in intelligent automation software solutions, it provides robust technologies to automate data-intensive business workflows for over 25,000 customers worldwide. Its cutting-edge solutions optimize business processes, enhance AP and invoice workflows, and elevate document automation and security. Committed to innovation, Tungsten Automation empowers organizations in their digital transformation journey, streamlining business-critical processes and propelling them forward in the digital age.

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