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The Necessity for a Strong Test Data Management Solution 

Grupo G’s Spain’s development team faced significant challenges due to reliance on a single, outdated production dataset. This outdated data led to inconsistencies in development and testing processes, causing developers to work with inaccurate information. The manual, time-consuming, and error-prone data refresh processes further compounded the issue, slowing down the development cycle and increasing the dependency on IT staff tasked with ensuring data accuracy and synchronization.

The use of outdated data directly impacted project quality and efficiency. Developers were unable to test against the latest data, resulting in missed bugs and issues that compromised the reliability and performance of the final product. Additionally, support teams frequently accessed live production systems for troubleshooting, which posed significant risks to system stability and security. This practice increased the likelihood of accidental disruptions and data breaches, threatening the integrity of the production system.

Recognizing these critical issues, Grupo G’s Spain emphasized the urgent need for a robust Test Data Management (TDM) solution to streamline operations, enhance data handling efficiency, and ensure the development team could work with accurate, up-to-date data.


Streamlined TDM Integration and Database Virtualization

After evaluating various solutions through trials, consultations, and comparative analysis, Grupo G’s Spain chose Accelario. The decision was driven by Accelario’s ability to meet all key criteria and provide a strong, user-friendly platform for managing test data.

Tangible Efficiency Gains

The implementation of Accelario led to significant efficiency gains for Grupo G’s Spain. Its time to market for software releases was dramatically reduced by 40%, allowing the company to roll out new features and updates faster than ever before. 

Test environment provisioning time, which previously took 3-4 days, was decreased to mere hours, significantly speeding up the development cycle. Plus, the ability to work with realistic and consistent data expanded test coverage and improved the overall quality of the projects. Added to this, Grupo G’s Spain achieved an 80% reduction in database sizes and 70% savings in database storage costs and resource overhead.

The creation of virtualized environments enabled efficient test data management and quick provisioning and sharing of test environments. Accelario Data Anonymization solution ensured that all sensitive information remained secure and compliant with privacy standards. On top of all this, the self-service portal empowered developers and testers to handle their test data needs independently, enhancing flexibility and agility within the development teams.

Agile Operational Improvements

Enhanced data privacy and compliance were achieved through data anonymization, which protected sensitive information and ensured adherence to data protection regulations. The risk of data exposure was significantly reduced, bolstering the security of the company’s data assets. Furthermore, the streamlined processes supported Agile CI/CD practices, facilitating a more responsive and dynamic development environment.

Seamless Systems Integration

Accelario’s TDM solution seamlessly integrated with Grupo G’s existing Oracle Database infrastructure, enhancing the company’s existing workflows without the need for additional storage consumption or extensive IT intervention. 

By fitting smoothly into the current system, Accelario minimized disruption and maximized operational efficiency, enabling the company to fully leverage the new capabilities with minimal transition issues.



Grupo G’s Spain recognized the need for a solution that aligned with its strategic objectives. Accelario’s TDM solution proved instrumental in achieving these goals. Not only did it enhance software development efficiency, but it also ensured compliance with data privacy regulations and facilitated swift issue resolution.

By embracing Accelario, Grupo G’s Spain strengthens its competitive edge in the agri-food sector while ensuring faster software release cycles, bolstered data security, and agile development practices.

Looking ahead, Grupo G’s intends to maximize the power of Accelario, exploring additional automation opportunities and extending the solution’s usage across its global subsidiaries for continued growth and success.

About Grupo G’s Spain

Grupo G’s, a leading European player in the fresh fruits and vegetables industry, with a dedicated workforce of over 7,000 employees has a strong presence in Spain, the UK, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, North America, and Senegal. Founded in 1952 as a family business, the company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality fresh produce right from the start. Grupo G’s vertically integrated production ensures its presence throughout the entire supply chain, from seed to product shipment. Committed to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, it works closely with suppliers and customers to promote sustainability across the supply chain, ensuring ethical and responsible product sourcing.

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