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The Critical Need for a Strong Test Data Management Solution 

Bank Leumi faced a critical need for a robust solution to furnish testing environments with production-like data that could be refreshed daily. The existing manual provisioning method proved sluggish and prone to errors, resulting in inaccuracies within test data and potential breaches of compliance regulations. Recognizing the urgency, key stakeholders emphasized the necessity for a Test Data Management (TDM) solution to enhance operational efficiency and guarantee adherence to stringent data privacy standards.

These challenges not only impeded development cycles but also escalated operational costs, significantly impacting the bank’s capacity to promptly deliver top-tier digital products. This setback directly affected the bank’s strategic vision of pioneering the industry with cutting-edge digital solutions.


Streamlined TDM Integration and Data Anonymization

Bank Leumi meticulously evaluated potential solutions based on several key criteria to ensure they aligned with the bank’s stringent requirements. Firstly, the solution needed to automate the test data provisioning process, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. Secondly, the solution needed to incorporate robust data anonymization capabilities to ensure compliance with stringent privacy regulations, safeguarding sensitive information effectively. Thirdly, scalability was paramount, with the solution expected to handle the bank’s extensive database requirements, which encompassed over 400 databases. Lastly, the solution needed to minimize reliance on Database Administrators (DBAs), freeing up their time for more strategic tasks and reducing manual intervention in routine processes.

In its pursuit of excellence, Bank Leumi embarked on a meticulous decision-making journey, conducting thorough trials and consultations with multiple vendors. Amidst the myriad options, Accelario’s TDM solution emerged as the clear frontrunner, distinguished by its comprehensive automation capabilities, robust data anonymization, and proven ability to significantly reduce test data provisioning time.

Seamless Systems Implementation

The implementation of Accelario unfolded through strategic steps, meticulously orchestrated to ensure a seamless transition and maximum impact. Initially, the team focused on the setup and integration phase, aligning the platform with existing systems to facilitate smooth operation. Subsequently, they configured automated data provisioning and masking processes tailored to the bank’s unique requirements. Rigorous testing and validation followed, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and data integrity. Finally, deployment was executed alongside comprehensive training sessions for engineering teams, empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the platform effectively.

Efficiency and Compliance Gains

Accelario’s implementation yielded significant efficiency gains for Bank Leumi, revolutionizing its operational landscape and propelling it toward success. With the adoption of Accelario’s TDM solution, the bank witnessed a remarkable reduction in the test data provisioning cycle, slashing the time from 7 days to a mere 5 hours. Moreover, the solution led to a 30% increase in DBA productivity, unlocking new avenues for innovation and accelerating application release deliveries. Notably, the streamlined processes also enhanced the user experience for remote engineering teams, simplifying tasks and reducing manual workload. Beyond efficiency gains, the automated processes fortified compliance with internal and external data privacy regulations, minimizing errors and ensuring data accuracy.

Operational Enhancements

Accelario’s platform boasted a range of key capabilities that proved instrumental in Bank Leumi’s transformation journey. These included automated data provisioning, which streamlined operations and enhanced agility, data anonymization to ensure privacy compliance and safeguard sensitive information effectively, and seamless integration with existing databases and workflows, minimizing disruption and facilitating rapid adoption.

Accelario’s Data Anonymization solution seamlessly integrated with Bank Leumi’s existing infrastructure, harmonizing with workflows and systems to facilitate a smooth transition. Minimal changes were required to current workflows, ensuring quick adoption and minimal disruption to operations.



Implementing Accelario’s Data Anonymization solution supports Bank Leumi’s strategic goals by enabling 40% faster time-to-market and reducing development bottlenecks by over 50%. This enhancement boosts the bank’s technological leadership and customer satisfaction. Accelario’s AI-powered data anonymization ensures the security of sensitive data while providing realistic-like test data during development and testing, maintaining data utility and integrity without compromising compliance.

Leveraging data anonymization for company-wide success empowers Bank Leumi’s engineering and QA teams. The AI-driven data masking solution safely anonymizes sensitive production data for testing, eliminating delays and ensuring timely access to secure, compliant test data. This solution enhances productivity and innovation, giving Bank Leumi a competitive edge in delivering innovative digital banking solutions. The bank plans to further leverage Accelario’s platform to expand capabilities and continue driving innovation in the digital banking sector.

About Bank Leumi

Founded in London in 1902, Bank Leumi is Israel’s oldest banking corporation and one of the leading and largest corporations in the Middle East. The bank operates 250 branches across the country, along with branches and offices in major financial intersections to provide banking services to all customers, from households, through small and medium enterprises, to giant corporations. These services are provided through dedicated business lines, each of which specializes in providing banking and financial services to a sector of clients with similar characteristics and needs. This specialization allows Bank Leumi customers to enjoy quality professional service and a wide range of products tailored to their needs.

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