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The Business Need for Seamless Remote Access and Regulatory Compliance

Bank Yahav’s challenge stemmed from the necessity to grant remote team members access to its test environments. This task required a seamless remote connection without compromising on data privacy. With testers working remotely, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and privacy issues became a paramount concern. The traditional methods of data anonymization proved insufficient, prompting Bank Yahav to seek an innovative solution.

A Secure and Compliant Data Anonymization Solution

The Accelario Data Anonymization solution emerged as the solution to Bank Yahav’s unique challenge. The solution offered a comprehensive approach to data anonymization that aligned with compliance standards and addressed the specific requirements of remote connections. Accelario’s robust technology enabled the creation of anonymized data environments suitable for testing, ensuring that sensitive information remained secure while being accessible to remote team members. 

Additionally, Accelario’s adaptability and efficiency in handling complex data structures made it a perfect fit for the diverse testing scenarios of Bank Yahav.



The implementation of the Accelario Data Anonymization yielded impressive results for Bank Yahav. The bank successfully provided secure access to test environments for remote team members without compromising on data privacy. The solution’s ability to anonymize sensitive information ensured compliance with regulations, mitigating the risk of data breaches during testing activities. The remote connection was established seamlessly, enhancing collaboration among team members irrespective of their physical location. The efficiency gains translated into accelerated testing processes, contributing to improved software quality and a 40% increase in time-to-market for Bank Yahav.

About Bank Yahav

Bank Yahav, founded in 1954, specializes in providing comprehensive banking services tailored to salaried employees, private customers, and freelancers. Understanding that each customer has personal and unique needs, Bank Yahav is dedicated to developing personalized banking services under competitive and particularly profitable conditions. The bank’s continuous improvement efforts aim to make it the first and most affordable choice for employees in the private and public sectors.

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