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The Critical Need for Regulatory Compliance

The primary challenge of the Bank of Jerusalem was ensuring regulatory compliance while managing distinct types of databases. The bank’s reliance on manual processes for test data management and the absence of a prior TDM solution hindered its ability to efficiently meet compliance requirements. The need to protect sensitive information in test environments further complicated the situation. The bank sought a solution that would automate TDM processes, ensure data anonymization, and streamline database management.

Agile TDM Strategy and Secure Data Anonymization

Accelario emerged as the preferred solution for the Bank of Jerusalem due to its robust features and exceptional professional services. Its seamless integration into the existing infrastructure enabled the bank to quickly adopt the Accelario Data Anonymization solution as a central component of its TDM strategy. The platform’s user-friendly interface empowered the bank’s team, including non-DBAs, to efficiently manage test data, leading to a more streamlined workflow and greater efficiency.

One of the most notable benefits was the significant time savings. The environment refresh process, which previously took several days, was reduced to just one hour. This drastic reduction allowed the bank to allocate resources more effectively and focus on other critical tasks.

Additionally, Accelario enabled rapid data de-identification, allowing the bank to automatically anonymize sensitive data and create new test environments in just over 20 minutes. This capability became an integral part of their daily operations, ensuring compliance and data protection.

Accelario not only met but exceeded the Bank of Jerusalem’s expectations by addressing compliance concerns and optimizing database management processes. This success story highlights the transformative impact of Accelario’s Next-gen TDM solution, emphasizing the importance of both product functionality and professional services in achieving operational excellence and regulatory compliance.



Following the adoption of Accelario, the Bank of Jerusalem achieved remarkable results that revolutionized its TDM practices. The bank reported high satisfaction, emphasizing the solution’s responsiveness. By implementing Accelario’s Data Anonymization solution, the Bank of Jerusalem significantly reduced the time required for environment refreshes from several days to less than an hour, including a 30% increase in DBA productivity, showcasing Accelario’s reliability and efficiency.

About Bank of Jerusalem

Established in 1963, Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. operates 18 branches throughout Israel, including its headquarters in Jerusalem and Airport City. Owned by Export Investment Corporation Ltd. and licensed by the Bank of Israel since 1998, the bank specializes in real estate, capital markets, savings, and international banking. Its mission is to provide straightforward and transparent banking, eliminating unnecessary fees and ensuring clear, honest communication with customers. The bank is committed to ensuring clients fully comprehend their banking services, fostering fairness and trust in every interaction.

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