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The Critical Need for a Comprehensive Data Platform

Migdal Insurance leverages the latest technologies to safeguard its leading position within the highly competitive insurance industry. Using its robust technological prowess, Midgal Insurance works towards improving operational efficiencies, developing various digital tools for its agents, and expanding self-service options for customers and distribution.

However, keeping up with demanding release schedules requires the constant provision and refreshing of production-like data for testing and staging purposes. With between 300 and 400 databases to maintain, DBAs were constantly receiving requests for new environments provisioned with production-like data including specific subsets within a database.

Additionally, environments required constant data refreshing to ensure that testing and development were done accurately and with all of the required data types. Migdal Insurance’s DBAs were spending all their time refreshing data, becoming a bottleneck that significantly slowed down development.


Enabling Agile Testing with Accelario

Migdal Insurance carefully evaluated various solutions and ultimately selected Accelario’s Next-Gen Test Data Management solution. This choice was driven by Accelario’s capability to automate data provisioning and refreshing, granting both QA and development teams greater autonomy.

Accelario seamlessly integrated into Migdal’s existing infrastructure, facilitating efficient data management without disrupting ongoing operations. Together, they collaborated to establish a user-friendly self-service data provisioning portal tailored for Migdal’s teams. This portal enabled them to swiftly create their own environments and benefit from on-demand refreshes of production-like data, essential for maintaining high testing and development standards.

Additionally, Migdal’s teams gained the flexibility to refresh specific subsets of data independently, reducing reliance on slow, manual processes. This approach not only enhanced efficiency but also ensured accuracy in testing environments, contributing to higher-quality releases.

Moreover, by automating data refreshes, Migdal bolstered compliance with stringent data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and PCI. Throughout the implementation phase, Accelario provided robust support, including comprehensive training sessions and ongoing assistance, ensuring seamless integration into Migdal Insurance’s workflows.



With Accelario’s comprehensive TDM solution, Migdal Insurance reduced its DBA bottleneck, providing development and testing teams full data access without needing DBA assistance. Teams could access a user-friendly self-service portal to easily and quickly create environments and refresh their data. This resulted in a significant reduction in refresh times from 3 days to 6 hours, accelerated delivery velocity by 40%, and made more available DBA resources by eliminating the manual work involved in data copy and refresh.

About Migdal

Migdal Insurance, founded in 1934, is the leading insurance provider in Israel. Midgal Insurance’s wide service and product offering encompasses the provision of general, health, and pension insurance. With more than 4,305 employees and a market cap of $1.3 billion, Migdal Insurance delivers insurance to about 2.5 million private and corporate customers through its network of 3,000 agents and executive managers. Migdal Insurance is focused on technological innovation to support cutting-edge products as a means for the automation of processes and expanding self-service options for customers and distribution channels.

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