of productivity hours saved

7 Days
to 5 Hours

reduced test data provisioning cycle

QA teams are now independently

deploying their own refreshes and builds

Executive Summary

Bank Leumi’s remote dev teams use the Accelario DataOps platform to refresh their test environments on a daily basis, masking data from the production server to ensure test data remains accurate and high quality while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. This fully automated process significantly reduces the time to provision test data, enabling Bank Leumi to cut dev costs while supporting faster delivery of high-quality digital products. These new capabilities empower Bank Leumi to lead the industry with highly innovative digital products that deliver greater efficiencies for their customers.

The Challenge

The bank needed to constantly provide high-quality, anonymized test data based on real production data to ensure accuracy. However, with more than 400 databases, this manual process took their DBAs more than 7 full days, when the requirement was for daily updates to ensure a minimal gap with the data in production.

The Solution

Bank Leumi implemented Accelario’s continuous DataOps platform, which enabled Bank Leumi’s engineering teams constant, ongoing access to production-like data, refreshed on a daily basis. The overnight data provisioning process simultaneously copies and masks production data before copying the anonymized data into the target test server to ensure compliance with both internal and external privacy regulations. With Accelario’s streamlined process, test data provision time was significantly reduced, removing a major roadblock and enabling remote engineering teams to deliver high-quality digital products faster while complying with privacy regulations.

The Results

Using Accelario’s TDM solution, Bank Leumi was able to replace a manual, time-consuming, error-prone
process with a streamlined, fully automated provisioning cycle that maintained compliance with strict
internal and external privacy regulations.

Reduce their test data provisioning
cycle from 7 days to just 5 hours

Accelerate application release

Minimize reliance on DBAs to
provision test data, enabling a
productivity gain of 30%

Maintain strict compliance with
internal and external data privacy

Significantly reduce errors caused
by inaccurate test data

About Leumi Bank

Bank Leumi is Israel’s oldest banking corporation, it operates 250 branches across the country that provide a full range of banking services to private consumers and businesses of all sizes. Bank Leumi invests substantial resources in developing and improving its technological capabilities to ensure its customers benefit from innovative digital services.

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