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Executive Summary

Bank of Jerusalem, a leading financial institution based in Israel, faced significant challenges in maintaining regulatory compliance and optimizing their test data management (TDM) processes. With a team of 3-4 experienced database administrators overseeing Oracle, MongoDB, and SQL Server databases, the bank needed a solution that would address their data compliance concerns and enhance overall efficiency. After careful consideration of the Accelario Data Masking product capabilities, Bank of Jerusalem selected Accelario as their TDM vendor.

The Challenge

The primary challenge of the Bank of Jerusalem was ensuring regulatory compliance while managing distinct types of databases. The bank's reliance on manual processes for test data management and the absence of a prior TDM solution hindered their ability to efficiently meet compliance requirements. The need to protect sensitive information in test environments further complicated their situation. The bank sought a solution that would automate TDM processes, ensure data masking, and streamline database management.

The Solution

Accelario emerged as the preferred solution for the Bank of Jerusalem due to its robust product features and exceptional professional services. The implementation of Accelario into the existing infrastructure was seamless, and the bank quickly adopted the Accelario Data Masking solution as a central component of their TDM strategy. The platform's user-friendly interface empowered the bank's team, including non-DBAs, to efficiently manage test data, emphasizing the importance of both the product itself.

The Results

Following the adoption of Accelario, the Bank of Jerusalem experienced remarkable results that transformed their TDM landscape. The bank’s satisfaction was notably high, with a particular emphasis on the responsiveness of the solution’s capabilities. The implementation of the Accelario Data Masking solution allowed the Bank of Jerusalem to achieve significant time savings. An environment refresh process that once took a few days to create was reduced to less than an hour, showcasing the reliability and efficiency of Accelario.

Simplified TDM Processes

Allowing non-DBAs to efficiently manage test data

Significant Time Savings

Environment refresh process that reduced from a few days to an hour

Continuous Operation without Problems

Over a five-year period, demonstrating the reliability of Accelario

The Accelario TDM solution not only met but exceeded the expectations of the Bank of Jerusalem, addressing their compliance concerns and optimizing their database management processes. The success story of the Bank of Jerusalem showcases the transformative impact of the Accelario TDM solution, emphasizing the importance of both product functionality and professional services in achieving operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

About Bank of Jerusalem

Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. was incorporated in 1963. Bank of Jerusalem has 18 branches throughout Israel, with headquarters in Jerusalem and at Airport City.

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