reduction in database sizes using data virtualization

4 Days
to Hours

for setup of non-production environments

Savings in Database Storage Costs

and resource overhead

Executive Summary

Grupo G, a prominent European player in the fresh fruits and vegetables industry, operates across Spain, the UK, Poland,
Germany, and the Czech Republic with a dedicated workforce of over 7,000 employees. At Grupo G, innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility are at the forefront of their values. Seeking to lead the agri-food sector and maintain high standards, one of their subsidiaries–Grupo G’s Spain sought an automated Test Data Management (TDM) solution to empower their developers with self-service access to current, realistic data from production databases, all while ensuring data privacy compliance.

The Challenge

Grupo G’s Spain encountered numerous challenges regarding
database access for development and issue resolution. Their development team of 17 relied on a single production dataset copy, which was outdated and required manual refreshing, leading to reduced project quality and efficiency. Furthermore,
support teams had to access production systems to troubleshoot
issues, posing potential risks to the live application.
Grupo G’s Spain required a TDM solution that could:
• Automate and expedite data refresh processes while reducing the storage footprint for test data
• Safeguard sensitive information within test data copies through data masking
• Generate non-production database copies on demand for issue replication
• Produce five independent and refreshable non-production databases for each production database
• Empower their DevOps teams with self-service capabilities to create agile and flexible datasets

The Solution

In choosing Accelario as its TDM solution, Grupo G’s Spain used the Accelario database virtualization tool to create virtualized environments within its Oracle Database infrastructure. This enabled developers to efficiently create, refresh, and share test environments containing the latest production data copies, without additional storage
consumption or IT intervention. Accelario also integrated robust data masking to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and exposure.

The Results

With Accelario’s innovative TDM solution, Grupo G’s Spain overcame the DBA bottleneck, granting
development and testing teams full data access without DBA assistance. They accessed a user-friendly
self-service portal that facilitated quick environment creation and data refresh, yielding the following

Dramatically reduced time to market for superior software releases

Expanded test coverage and
quality through realistic and
consistent data

Significantly faster test
environment provisioning,
from 3-4 days to mere hours

Accelerated adoption of Agile
CI/CD processes, empowering
developers and testers with
realistic data, faster

Enhanced data privacy and
compliance, reducing the risk
of data exposure

About Grupo G’s

Grupo G’s Spain is part of an international company founded in the United Kingdom in 1952. It leverages the latest technology and market intelligence. The company believes that its focus on innovation and investment allows them to offer the best service to their customers.


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